Saturday, February 4, 2012

see the band Hillsborough Family Support asked Sun to reveal the sources of their remarkable story of the disaster of 1989 in football 96 people were killed.

The newspaper published a play entitled The Truth, who blame Liverpool fans for causing the tragedy.

alleged that some fans had urinated on police and victims, the victims were robbed and beaten to a policeman who tried to give the kiss of life.

history, just four days after death, he began: ". Drunken Liverpool fans viciously attacked rescue workers ... it was revealed last night"


But by whom? Sun attributed the claims of South Yorkshire Police.

One thing was clear at the moment. Reporter of the Sun has not made the allegations made by other documents (including the Daily Mirror and Daily Star) led to similar claims.


caused outrage on Merseyside, which led to the rapid establishment of a boycott which continues to this day, was how the Sun has the story .

His "real" owner indicated that the document considers the claims. It was his crime.

In fact, one day after the ombudsman generally low Sun, Ken Donlan, held that the title was wrong. The editor, Kelvin MacKenzie, has admitted on radio that he had "a very serious mistake."

Rupert Murdoch, also felt that it was the policy of making a public statement which said that coverage was "insensitive and deeply offensive to the victims' families."

inside the office of the Sun there was too much indignation. It was learned that the reporter responsible for writing the story, after seeing the layout before in advance, MacKenzie had begged him not to use the "true" owner.

Other documents published similar reports were somewhat more circumspect. The Mirror ("Clash of the victims of the police claim were stolen") and Star ("Dead fans robbed by thugs drunk") away, referring to allegations that the allegations.

My understanding of The Sun journalist I spoke of the story several times over the years is that the source (or sources) of the claims is in force in South Yorkshire.

The allegations made by the police are certainly on the copy of the agency presented to all newspapers. I can not be sure, but I do not think that The Sun had a different origin.

claims Again, the problem was caused by the title and uncritically reported that, assuming it was true.

I sympathize with the families of Hillsborough (and might not be?), I do not think that the Sun can reveal much at all.
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