Sunday, February 12, 2012

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Not exactly a retreat, but a stay of execution: Ministry of Justice announced that the reforms of legal aid will be delayed by six months (and a consultation on criminal jurisdiction for work two years) provides the legal profession in time to collect weapons. The Department of Justice referred the decision on the need to reprogram legal contracts, but a few days after the criticism of Lord Wilson, Lady Hale and Sir Nicholas Wall.

Ken Clarke said lawyers of the International Bar Association Legal Aid were "false and advancing behind a line of women and children" - see the video - will do little to appease critics as Work Yvette Cooper. As reported by Jane Martinson:

"tightening of the definition of domestic violence for legal aid applicants, the government plans to remove the DNA profiles of thousands of suspected violation under the protection of the law freedoms . "

Meanwhile, the Judicial Appointments Commission announced yesterday that nearly half of the last batch of district judges, and 37% of circuit judges were women. (Gambia, Fatou Bensouda, lawyer, meanwhile, emerged as the consensus candidate to become financial ICC next leader. Former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo, will be the last African leader to appear Monday in The Hague.)


Let the trumpet was not none of them were from an ethnic minority, not to mention a disability. All lawyers in hopes of reaching the circuit bench were also disappointed. However, congratulations to the new appointment - and those who can be reassured that the defense is very well known. Alex Aldridge, who attended a conference of public speaking for lawyers last week, reports on the new master degree from the University of Strathclyde, and defense lawyers asked the best rate. One of them has even appointed a quality control women. Although Mr Prescott was satisfied with his words, we say that you were sitting in the public gallery to listen.

Sunday Grieve, explained why he is falling hard on contempt of court in a speech at City University, yesterday, adding that Parliament will soon debate whether journalists can report a violation when a measure Prudential MP with parliamentary privilege. Roy Greenslade said:

"Well, I'm with him all the way in its mission to ensure that people get a fair trial -. But the idea of ??limiting what can and can not be reported to Parliament is something completely different "



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