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are new to all candidates for web slingers have been waiting for - Activision is being licensed Spider-Man back to the formula that worked so well in Treyarch tie-ins with movies Sat Raimi

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
New 3DS news that was previously "impossible" to get to share on Friday.

Nintendo revealed that it is a new 3DS Lunch and Friday.

Confirming that the game will continue to trade, PwC administrator tries to find a buyer, the seller warned that many of its services have been modified or suspended.

Fifa Street

Greg Clark, decentralization and the Minister of cities, is prepared to describe the "greatest reduction in red commercial transactions ever undertaken" in planning political reforms of England national


If we turn the promise of our manager David Cameron to lead the "greenest government ever" - our green-o -meter - up or down after the reforms of planning today?

is currently in a miserable 1.5 on up to five.


out the five "principles of sustainable development" Clark is saying the new "presumption in favor of sustainable development" is based . Applications that can be considered to meet these criteria will now be capable of being given the green light:

. Living within environmental

. Ensuring a strong, healthy and fair

Achieiving a sustainable economy

. Promoting good governance . Using the science of his head

You can read the full explainer on what it really means here. But I think the first and third points, should help onshore wind - that several members of Congress mentioned in relation to planning today -. They are built


As new planning guide starts to bite as of today, there could be some interesting battles conducted by the local government ministers, including his colleague in the DCLG Clark, Secretary of State Eric Pickles. Damian Carrington reminded me of her story from September, to expose all the government ministers involved in promoting controversial changes in planning are opposed to changing their own constituencies, including new housing and for green Business, home care for seniors and a memorial to Princess Diana. The story continues:

In August 2010, Osborne was the first 25,000 people to sign a petition against a power plant from waste in his constituency of Cheshire, despite having described the Brunner Mond as a "source major local employment. "He is also honorary chairman of a campaign against an incinerator second location.

Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government has also campaigned against waste facility, a composting site in Stondon Massey in Essex, saying that approval to "open the doors of our country to become the landfill to the southeast." In addition, Pickles successfully opposed a residential care home for elderly pilgrims 114 Hatch in 2003, saying it would be a "heavy burden" on local services.

Greg Clark, meanwhile, vehemently opposed government attempts in the past to increase the number of houses built in and around Tunbridge Wells station. He called the plan for 6000 new homes "to nationally imposed on the number of households [that] also put pressure on our precious green spaces."

Friends of the Earth accused ministers of "extraordinary hypocrisy" to say that major changes in planning laws are essential to stimulating economic growth and alleviate the housing shortage, while fighting against the evolution of this type in their own backyard.

1:56 p.m.:
Oh, scratch that. Greenpeace was not impressed.

Ruth Davis

Greenpeace sent to say:

"This is an erroneous assumption of George Osborne, behind the attack against the planning system -. Think you can boost the economy by uprooting decades of protection for natural habitats and landscapes

"This is wrong, wrong and dangerous, and seems to be based on little more than a few comfortable private conversations he had with large developers. "Although today's concessions gives some breathing exercises short-term space for research to protect local wildlife and the places they love, the ultimate test of this policy will be the types of development, finally gave its approval.

"If, in the coming months, we began to see the development of community projects which carries more traffic, noise and pollution, absorb scarce resources for local water, or to destroy the fields so precious, not only going to be a political disaster for the government -. will also be guilty of violating the future "

and Matt Griffith, PriceOut representative, the campaign for new affordable housing, think it has been diluted since last year and is now "shy":

"The NPPF has weakened in several key areas - which is likely to reinforce the richest groups who do not want new housing, particularly in the Southeast is subject Such concessions to marginalize politically weak. those who suffer most from the high cost of housing and land prices force even more.

"He will remain in place a planning system that crams the development of the city and the city center and non-agricultural land is described as politically sacred. The result is likely to be for many years manufacturers of low yield, poor quality building apartments instead of houses with gardens that people want to live "

"Instead of the radical plan, the revised document now seems shy."


have not seen a negative reaction to the revised planning reforms Clark, however,

Even Shaun Spiers, Chief Executive of CPRE, is "welcome" to:

We were assured that Greg Clark recognizes the intrinsic value of the ordinary landscape "be specifically designated or not," adding that the five principles of Sustainable Development Strategy of the United Kingdom are included in the document. Such were the key issues for ERCP. We are pleased that the Minister seems to have heard a strong public opinion, reflecting our concerns.

Now, we must conduct a thorough analysis of the final document. While recognizing the magnitude of the housing crisis, which remain very concerned to ensure that the planning framework does not place too much emphasis on short-term economic growth at the expense of other major long-term objectives public planning, including protection and improvement of the environment.

We are also concerned about the length of the transition period, which at 12 months are serious problems for many local communities. We hope these tips will be given the necessary support for their projects in place. It is vital that local people have a real voice in planning decisions.

And in addition, the commercial side of things. Simon Walker, CEO of the Institute of Directors:

be able to develop new stores, homes and factories is crucial to generate economic growth, and often planning rules have prevented. The fundamental principle that sustainable development must be supported is very welcome.

To ensure that reform works well, boards must now fulfill its role, setting in motion plans that recognize the need to support development.

Britain needs to build again, and these reforms to achieve it - as long as you follow through

1:44 p.m.:

through my notes on what Benn said. Said the planning reforms did not address what has been argued that the slowdown in economic growth -. Government's economic program

given permission 300,000 houses have been built yet, because of the failure of the government's economic policy

I do not have time to check the facts, the figure of 300,000 at that time, but it is certainly to be considered later.

1:41 p.m.:

the happiest people, this time at the British Retail Consortium, the trade association representing the range of retailers in the UK multiples and department stores through independent. His company director, Tom Ironside, says the changes will help economic growth on the Street:

For too long, the planning system has been a drag on growth - complicated, costly and slow. These practical measures are a significant improvement and should help provide a boost to local economies. Retail is a competitive and innovative look like the government to create conditions for growth. Make the system more transparent and efficient development will and should play a key role in efforts to revitalize the main streets of England issues.

1:37 p.m.:
not a huge surprise here - the trade body representing the developers, the British Property Federation welcomed new planning regulations. Liz Peace, chief executive of the Federation of British property, said:

NPPF We believe that a document is now more moderate and reasonable. Changes in the framework is not, however, to change its overall objective to support the expected growth in a sustainable rationalization, the plane through the system. Government has made some reasonable concessions, while ensuring that local authorities should provide housing and jobs where they are needed. What is needed now is clarity on how NPPF be applied. Urgent questions remain about how local authorities should determine the number of households and jobs they need and that the orientation is based NPPF should be.

1:32 p.m.: aa critical environmental

give a cautious welcome to the revised reforms, but no echo on Damian Carrington need to study the document.

tweets ERCP:

read quick

initial # NPPF suggests ministers have listened to the critics of the project last year. Now we must study the details

1:28 p.m.:

interesting. Chris Heaton-Harris, the organizer of a recent letter of 101 Conservative MPs David Cameron, addressing onshore wind, just ask what is in the planning reforms of the new that can be used to block the swarm "large onshore wind energy" provided by consistuency, Daventry.


Clark seems to imply that the powers of "localism" reforms, will be easier to Heaton-Harris to stop the turbines do not like:

parish, "to establish national criteria would not be appropriate ... So we gave the authorities the power to set the criteria, but are a local election in terms that renewable energy should be located.

(see also previous answer below Clark on this subject)


Finally - the current 50-page document, the planning framework of national policy, just online. Please plunge and use the comment thread to share anything that draws attention.


Here's a snap judgment of my colleague Damian Carrington in the reforms. He said that the devil is in the details, and the actual planning document will reveal whether the reforms are more green, or not, during the first shows last summer.

Have the emollient
Greg Clark presented the revised planning changes was certainly intelligent in terms of presentation, taking into account the style of a lantern and combative boss, Eric Pickles. It is clear that a number of important concessions were made - abandoned industrial sites, the definition of "sustainable", and the transitional provisions in the field without protection - but it is also clear that the "presumption in favor of sustainable development "maintained. Clark barely mentioned companies and what exactly does all this adds to the practice will require a detailed study of the document - not yet published online

However, the chancellor George Osborne has been very clear about his view of the changes: ". The greatest reduction in commercial transactions ever undertaken red" Driving a JCB through planning rules seem difficult to reconcile with the statement that Clark's new rules allow communities to leave the country for future generations in "better shape" than it is today.


This is the first Palestinian Authority to take over Clark's statement:

new planning rules have "strong protections" for the field, the government insisted today that it has released the final version of his controversial reforms ...

Today, Communities Minister Greg Clark insisted the new planning guide recognized the "intrinsic value of rural areas", whether or not it has already been designated as green belt, national parks or sites of special interest Scientific (SSSI).

Clark pointed out a number of changes in national policy planning new in an attempt to address the concerns caused when the reform proposals were published in July. They include an explicit return of "brownfield first", which requires boards to promote land previously used for the development of new sites across the green field and a clearer definition of "development sustainable. "

urban centers also promote development.

and enable local councils with a plan to establish - that development is important and necessary in an area - which is consistent with the new rules for the use of up to 12 months>

but boards do not have a local plan to use. national framework of planning policy from today.


more, communities and local government has published a copy of the declaration of Clark. But the 50-page document is not yet. Here's an excerpt:

During the past decade - well before the financial crisis -. We have built fewer houses than in any other decade in peace for 100 years

The average age of the buyer first time almost 40, and rising rents means that families must spend more and more housing and less on themselves and their children.


We can not allow this to continue. Would be to deny our responsibility for young families -. To say that democracy census was for our generation, but not his own for

Not all of this is due to sclerosis in the planning system, but true. Chambers of Commerce said that the planning system has become,

"too complicated, too expensive, too uncertain. It discourages investment, generates mistrust and slows recovery."

And it's not as if this was done through what it lacks in quantity.

too in recent years has been poor, insensitive and has undermined the character of the areas in which we live and work.

too many of our habitats have been degraded and expelled nature.

The effect was that many of the public have come to assume that any particular change in our built environment will be negative -. Which tend to impair the beauty, the damage to the environment and make our lives worse


reaction starts coming, and the company is satisfied with the changes.

John Cridland, the director general of the CBI, said

Future Generations Aa

be grateful that the government has kept his nerves in this area. Be a presumption in favor of sustainable development maintains an appropriate balance between supporting growth and employment, and to serve the interests of the environment and society.

1:03 p.m.:.
Some of parliamentary questions, answers and Clark

Have protection reforms 60% of the ground without protection, such as the green belt

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"The development community is only the beginning," the curve 10.

Forza Motorsport 4 game director Dan Greenawalt think will be a couple of years before we begin to see the real fruits of Kinect.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Although Zynga and OMGPOP can enter the titles most in the space of social and casual games today, the empire built by studies Halfbrick mobile is just one to neglect. The Australian company behind Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride can not be the darling of Wall Street, but its evolution from a minor player in the space of the console for a casual game of the foreground is a lesson in speed function of time. .. aa

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birds have made the leap into orbit, but are in danger of jumping the shark?

By the way, you can not blame a lack of Rovio Angry Birds, the space ambitions of their fourth game birds angry.

The announcement was transmitted to Earth from the International Space Station, the day of launch of the company, in turn saw the Space Needle in Seattle in a sling giant, and the game itself itself is being promoted Through partnerships with NASA, National Geographic, Nickelodeon and Samsung.


the game is a great thing, and it is understandable given the discharge of over 700 titles of previous anger, angry Birds Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio. The new version allows you to check all the marketing boxes double, but the important question is how it compares as a standalone game.



Angry Birds has launched two mobile platforms - Android and IOS - and a PC version sold by Rovio own website, and a Mac version is available on Apple Mac App Store.

Prices vary

: 69p on the iPhone, iPad £ 1.99, £ 2.99 for Mac, PC ? 5.95 (just under 5 pounds), and a choice of free with ads or a payment without advertising the Android version.

Yes, Angry Birds in space, even if they have brought with him his pork and eggs stolen from enemies framework to feel at home. As before, the pigs are hiding in the wood and stone structures that must be destroyed by birds catapult them.

The game includes 60 levels divided into two zones: the pork and sausages Bang. Another 30 are available on levels of so-called danger zone, opened with an extra 69p shopping application (IAP). Rovio said areas and levels will continue in the coming months.

What's new?

The adjustment is not just for show. As catapults many birds around space rocks, which are subject to the gravity of planets, adding an extra layer to the system based game physics. Sometimes they will pull through the fields of two or more planets gravity, which requires a strong mind.

new birds, too. A bluebird, the pump Place ice freezes the landscape and pigs, which were created to be beaten by the next shot. Meanwhile, the green monster bird is heavier than their peers, while the Red Bird has more than a great effect of the grenade caused by touch.

Yes, all three are sold as stuffed toys in the near future. How did you guess?

There is new energy to replace the mighty eagle of the previous game. Spatial eagles can be activated at any time, and see a giant bird dough through a wormhole to squash something nearby.

Unlike the mighty eagle, which cost 69p for IPA, this is not a payment once and use forever, the start-up. Instead, you can beat the Eagles in the space of a single use throughout the game - from time to time gave you three - or purchased in a variety of packages. 20 to 69p, £ 1.99 for 80, £ 5.49 to £ 13.99 for 280 or 980.


Angry Birds also includes five mini-games (or "Eggsteroids") as a nod to older games: Space Invaders, small group, Super Mario Bros, etc.. They are released by the bombing of five golden eggs hidden in five of the main game levels.

the good parts

gravitational fields and birds of new adding new elements to make room Angry Birds do not feel like a rehash of the formula for people who have played a part or all of the previous games, also.

room for improvement

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Border Services Agency

"control file" is used as a "dumping ground" for cases in which it was abandoned, said the commission

The number of asylum seekers and migrants from the Customs Agency in the UK has lost contact with exploded from 18,000 to 124,000 last year, according to a report MPs critical.

The House of Commons Home Affairs Committee said that the size of the case "Control File" agency lost is equal to the population of Cambridge and is used as a "dumping ground" for the case were given above.

Deputies said that the majority of cases, 80,000 were referred the case to help clear a backlog of long-term asylum, and the remaining 40,000 cases were pending migration.

The agency said the cases were transferred only in the control file after being checked against watch lists of six months and its best efforts to find candidates - who had lost contact with a few years earlier - had failed.

But MPs say. "The control file has become a dumping ground for cases where the agency left"

Keith Vaz, chairman of the Working Committee on Home Affairs, said that there was no reason why the file needs to develop further the backlog of asylum applications the year cases involving dating to 455,000 years of 1990 and the review of cases pending migration had been completed.

". UKBA still the service is efficient, Parliament is expected that 18,000 files last November efficient, [file] increased by 124,000 - the equivalent of the population of Cambridge,"

Vaz said
The report on the work of the agency also criticized its lack of explanation of why 350 foreign prisoners who should have been deported after serving their sentences remain in the country. MEPs also find it disturbing that only 500 of 1,300 other prisoners who were foreign nationals were released in 2010-11 deportation orders.

Members also questioned the value of David Cameron's call for the public to report illegal immigrants when the agency can not disclose how many have left the country following a such intelligence.

Immigration Minister, Damian Green, insisted the situation was the product of chaotic immigration system he inherited. "This government is working to correct past mistakes by making better decisions," he said.'' We're making real progress against the file to follow these people.

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In my pilgrimage from Seville, I found the solution at a rate that has fed me long after I arrived in Santiago

made me ask "Why?" with new urgency, when I flew to Seville. Who in their right mind decide to walk, from Seville to Santiago, about 600 miles, on your own? It had seemed a good idea when I thought about what I do on my sabbatical. I was invited to visit, somehow, and "yes" seemed the obvious answer. But now that the reality this morning, I was terrified, it was a ridiculous idea. I lose, I get blisters, they do not all the way, I feel stupid, I would be a pilgrim.

"lack of preparation is preparing to fail", a friend of mine told teenagers, with a wisdom beyond his years. And I remembered, I was ready. He had walked to and from the work of Spanish and back, almost anywhere and back. I had taken care to increase my mileage each week. Now, having arrived in Seville, the only thing to do was to create fear and anxiety aside and start walking. So I put on my first day, greeted the statue of Saint-Jacques in the great cathedral of the city and began searching the yellow arrows to guide the pilgrims on their way to Saint Jacques de Compostela. I was on my way.

I traveled with a poem by Thich Nhat Hanh, who reminded me that the road is not there to be "conquered" as if it were an enemy: the empty path is there to greet you, you wear and give you peace. The Gospel story of the risen Jesus with his disciples walking on the road to Emmaus, was close to my heart and received communion in some churches of the people, moved by the welcome they gave me as pilgrim.

But it was unexpected for me sacramental experience just walking every day, across large landscapes. RS Thomas concludes his poem The Moor with the line: "I was walking, simple and poor, while the air crumbled and broke on me generously as bread." That is, for me sums up my pilgrimage, a journey on which he fed and fed in a manner not expected. Upon arrival in Santiago was amazing and the cathedral in all its beauty always a wonderful house back guy. But is the way, step by step on the road, I have under my skin. Five years later is still there.

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lawyers criticize the changes that could hide sensitive information on state complicity in the torture and threaten the process open


and intelligence will be able to cover sensitive information related to state complicity in the torture and the secret transfer, in the controversial plan that could be included in the discourse of Queen in May.


Justice Ministry sources say that the plans presented for the first time in a Green Paper in October last year, is likely to be included in a bill of justice in the next session Parliament in a move that critics say will hurt the British tradition of open justice.

The plan could mean that the material called closed proceedings - in which secret evidence is retained by the complainant and the press in a closed court - would be introduced more widely in civil law. This would allow the government or its agencies to defend serious allegations, knowing that would never dangerous.

examples of cases where opponents say it could be required in such proceedings are those in which victims of torture to sue the government, which has conducted surveys regarding soldiers killed by friendly fire, or when the actions were filed alleging negligence of the police.

The plaintiffs are represented by special counsel would be excluded to examine the evidence with them. Although the government continues to present a total of 69 special counsel appointed, 57 have signed a strike in response to the proposal - say there is no reason to justify such radical changes

that promotes the rule of law worldwide, said that the government's plan, if in force at the time, would have meant the torture of British resident Binyam Mohamed n have never been public. Binyam Mohamed spent just under seven years in prison - four of them in the Guantanamo Bay camp in Cuba to the United States

He and six other men who claim they were tortured and that the British government did nothing to help millions of books received compensation in November 2010.

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high-performance systems based on management statistics are the future of elite sport, expert says Professor Bill Gerrard

If you saw the coverage of live football recently, you've probably seen an analysis of high technology, with touch screens and bold graphics. The analysis is based on the evidence seen in a game this data collection and analysis has emerged as an accepted practice, if it is not expected, a part of modern programs of elite sport.


data are used not only on television. They are all around us, in leagues fiction, video games and online gaming operator.

And the variety of statistics available today means that it is not only the line that is of interest. Now we are given all kinds of figures like the number of graduates, distance or time in the penalty box. People are used to hearing about the sports and business data prozone Opt. The Premier League has come to consider using the new technology embodied in the players' jerseys to control temperature and heart rate, so you can see what a player is nervous before a major penalty.

Speaking at the British Science Festival Bradford, on Thursday, Professor Bill Gerrard, an expert in sports management and finance from the University of Leeds Business School, believes that this Such an approach gives a complete picture and can be improved to help players and teams.

work with the current Premiership champions Aviva Saracens rugby team, Gerrard has developed what he calls, a performance management system based on statistics.

This system is based on data of experts established by the coaches based on their system of play equipment.

expert added
This assessment takes into account the quality and relevance of the actions of a player and not just by counting the number of tackles and throw-ins.

Coaches can see how, if the actions of a player are a team plan, and how they do. If things go as planned, then to the right could mean returning to school to improve decision making or a training camp to work on the ability of a player.
So look for ways in which players have done and not just quantity.

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In our quick, impatient, blocked business and Twitter, surely this must be the era of the short play

The story is a virtue - think of it as the brilliant friend at a dinner that has a great story, but not to stay in it (novels, meanwhile, are as customers who Plod on, ringing in the price of housing). However, as we celebrate technical virtuosity on the page, the scene of the play never reached the same height. We venerate the likes of Kafka, Poe, Saki and Borges of all - if not exclusively - that writers of short stories, but where are the leading playwrights for whom the short play is a dramatic difference occasional days or slightly sideways? When, in other words, what are the big games?

During a long history that has been in the comedy, tragedy and absurdity and back at least to the Cyclops of Euripides, the work of a single act, of course, has been successful. Farces by Chekhov, The Bear and the anniversary of the beloved and recognized many of Tennessee Williams one of the characters a little less, while among the contemporary authors of Pinter, Caryl Churchill, Debbie Tucker Green and Of course, at the end Beckett, increasingly cut dramas regularly return to the scene. But for the massive presence of cultural awareness and they even Endgame or Sarah Kane 4.48 Psychosis - may reflect the state long-term counterparts

Part of the problem seems to be the question of the definition and public expectations, which is "short" in the case of a game - it's all in a single act, but prolonged count? Over an hour is too long, less than 10 minutes too short? It was Beckett who laid the matter at its elastic limit his breath the game in 1969, accurate and provocative takes about 35 seconds.

The natural solution is to connect them short plays, operation of a dialogue of contrast or sympathy, but one that threatens to undermine the works themselves, their complete abnegation the contents. And while the two works by the bedfellows of the same author may appear strong and genuine, are they really better or more likely to accrue interest friction than the works of different authors?

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that if the Secretary of Justice is successful in controlling agreements, the Trafigura case style could never be reduced

A coalition of major international charities, condemned the government's legal reforms to deny the victims of foreign multinationals in the UK any chance of justice.

In a letter to the Friends of the Guardian, Amnesty International, Earth, Oxfam and others warn that if the Attorney General, Ken Clarke, succeeds to the restriction of "no win, no fee" agreements cases after Trafigura style could never be brought back.

coordinated statement, also supported by Catholic charity CAFOD, War on Want and Traidcraft fair organization, published the day before morality, judgment and punishment of offenders draft law refers to its committee stage in the House of Commons. The oil trading company Trafigura was sued in a class action on behalf of thousands of West Africans who in 2009 said they had been harmed by the dumping of waste in Ivory Coast.

The case became famous through the use of a super injunction to remove the documents disclosed.

Labour MP Kate Green has tabled an amendment to the bill to exempt the prosecution of cases of human rights reforms proposed by the government of contingency fees - also known as "no win , No Fee -


Under the Ministry of Justice proposals, applicants would have to pay the success of its legal fees and damages. Critics say the figure could easily exceed the price change will deter many lawyers take these cases

"... we have seen recently how the victims of alleged illegal toxic waste in Ivory Coast for justice in the courts of the United Kingdom. The company in question, Trafigura, ended an agreement with the victims of the court.

"It is vital that victims of violations of Internet users are able to access justice and obtain compensation for these companies - one to do, not only denying the victims of a resource, but feed a cycle of impunity and the risk of civil litigation as a deterrent. "The letter was also signed by Labour MP Lisa Nandy, party chairman of the international responsibility of companies.

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Aa cabinet members were aged

passed a law limiting foreign donations to nonprofit political

a committee of the Israeli cabinet voted to pass legislation backed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which could reduce tens of millions of pounds in foreign funding for organizations of human rights.

The ministerial committee on legislation passed two bills, one that limits the overall financing of NGOs by foreign organizations, including the United Nations, to 20,000 shekels (£ 3300) years. The other seeks to tax all contributions to non-governmental organizations of foreign states. Those who support the bills that many NGOs are political groups working under the pretext of human rights "delegitimize Israel."

Last week, Matthew Gould, British Ambassador to Israel, has added his voice to the concerns of international diplomats. Gould met with the proponent of the bill, Likud Minister Ofir Akunis, to warn that the adoption of his bill would be a bad image of Israel in the international community.

Sunday, sources from the embassy in Tel Aviv confirmed to be monitoring the progress of the bill carefully.

In 2010, the British Embassy has donated 300,000 pounds to human rights organizations in Israel.

EU Ambassador to Israel, Andrew Standley, is also reported to have contacted Netanyahu adviser, national security, Yaakov Amidror last Thursday to say who approved the bill threaten the position of Israel as a democratic state.

Benny Begin's Likud, son of former Prime Minister Menachem Begin, was one of the ministers who opposed the bill, which means they must pass a second cabinet vote before it can be submitted to the Knesset. This vote should not take place for several weeks.

The government suggested that the bill could be amended to distinguish between groups with a political agenda and those who actually work in promoting human rights.

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There were interesting differences of opinion among my students at City University yesterday on the use of images showing, Muammar Gaddafi, after he was killed.

Part of the discussion focused on whether it is always correct and / or good taste to publish a photograph of a dead person.

After all, I thought that posting pictures of Gaddafi is justified, given the particular circumstances surrounding the manner of his death, the context of its own tyranny and wide distribution of them in Internet.

But overall, I do not think newspapers should take pictures of the dead.

seems the Press Complaints Commission, in a decision released yesterday, agrees.

the Daily Record has been blamed for using a table that shows the body of a man who is on a path near the Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh , which was wrapped in leaves.


man complained that the use of the image was insensitive and amounts to an invasion of pain. He had caused the distress of relatives and friends.

the body of his nephew was only lightly covered, so that the outline of his arms and body could be seen clearly.

was not a celebrity, he argued, and the role they have had a stress level rather than an explicit photograph published.

aunt, Susan Thomson, not disagree with the accompanying report or the owner of "seat body to find Arthur," which was published on June 13 this year.

The record, although I am sorry for the pain, did not accept because he had violated the clause in the code editors dealing with the intrusion into grief or shock.

But Ms. Thomson did not accept the sincerity of the apology of the newspaper and paper rejected the claim that the body was visible to the public, noting that his nephew was found 300 feet side of a cliff and the police had erected a privacy screen.

In its decision the CPC that there was no justification for the "specific nature" of photography.

As newspapers have the right to report the tragic events of the "absolute necessity" that the code was that the publication must be "treated with sensitivity" in times of sadness or shock.

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Sunday Grieve, the Attorney General, revealed that even before he was appointed to this position, he was concerned about the increased media contempt for contempt of court law of 1981.

He realized "the growing tendency of the press to test the limits of acceptability in the reporting of criminal cases," he said tonight.

"Sometimes it seemed that the press had lost all sense of internal restriction and could, by the way the right to print what they wanted, protected by the right of" free expression "without any responsibilities attached to it. "

In other words, even in the wings, which could detect the dangerous path that newspaper publishers have taken over the publication of documents on persons who can prevent them from having a trial fair.

Grieve, speaking at the City University of London, was particularly upset by how he dared to publish documents of the criminal history of a person before been attempted.

He said: ".. I was afraid that the information is not controlled, for example, could undermine the jury system should jurors reach a verdict solely on the basis of evidence that they appear in court "

was also exerted by the tabloid treatment of Christopher Jeffries, the innocent arrested by police investigating the murder of Joanna Yeates Bristol architect.

That's why we entered two documents and proceedings, the Daily Mirror and The Sun, to cover that vilified Jefferies.

I was struck by the outbreak of Grieve, in the case because he also spoke of ethical concerns.

"Although it is not a legal consideration," he said, "I would say there is a moral imperative ... the need to observe good manners, reporting on these cases. "

Not a parliamentarian to ignore the careful and measured approach of a judge to decide whether an injunction should be granted.

There are well-established principles of comity between Parliament and the courts and the House of Commons has determined that the sub judice rule applies to proceedings which are active and do not relate to movement debate or question.
Parliament and the courts should each be left to do their work without interference from the other -. Except in the most exceptional circumstances "

hospital won the legal battle over the proposed closure of the cardiac surgery unit for children


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media reports this week that some cameras have failed to reduce accidents - and in some places have even led to an increase - ignore the power of random variation

"The radars could not reduce accidents on the roads and many, in fact led to an increase in the number of victims on certain roads," said the Telegraph.

Is this true? He has speed cameras "no" to reduce accidents? Do you have "led" to an increase in accidents? A close examination reveals little of these two bold assertions may be false.

When considering a large number of radars and guidance, we expect by chance alone, there will be sites where the number of accidents increased after installing a radar . This will happen even if the chances of an accident, actually declined.

Any analysis must take into account the randomness. The figures provided by local councils must also allow people to get the full picture, which means giving the public information on how the data are variable. For example, the board does Humberside data on average three years and collisions at low and no indication of the variability around these values.

or not a particular accident happens mathematically is a random event - you can not predict. The number of accidents that occur every hour or every day or every year is a random number that depends on a variety of factors, such as the speed limit on the stretch of road on which a camera is placed in particular, how busy the road is and the time. We can not predict exactly how many accidents at some point, but we can estimate with any degree of certainty.

Imagine if an accident is like flipping a coin. If it is a part, then the probability of having a car accident would be half or 50:50. It's the same thing as saying that it is equally likely that a car has an accident or an accident.

With this in mind, we can consider applications of radar in the Telegraph. These claims are an example of the falsity of the tax, which may arise when multiple comparisons, as in the years between the tips

media reports this week that some cameras have failed to reduce accidents - and in some places have even led to an increase - ignore the power of random variation

"The radars could not reduce accidents on the roads and many, in fact led to an increase in the number of victims on certain roads," said the Telegraph.

Is this true? He has speed cameras "no" to reduce accidents? Do you have "led" to an increase in accidents? A close examination reveals little of these two bold assertions may be false.

When considering a large number of radars and guidance, we expect by chance alone, there will be sites where the number of accidents increased after installing a radar . This will happen even if the chances of an accident, actually declined.

Any analysis must take into account the randomness. The figures provided by local councils must also allow people to get the full picture, which means giving the public information on how the data are variable. For example, the board does Humberside data on average three years and collisions at low and no indication of the variability around these values.

or not a particular accident happens mathematically is a random event - you can not predict. The number of accidents that occur every hour or every day or every year is a random number that depends on a variety of factors, such as the speed limit on the stretch of road on which a camera is placed in particular, how busy the road is and the time. We can not predict exactly how many accidents at some point, but we can estimate with any degree of certainty.

Imagine if an accident is like flipping a coin. If it is a part, then the probability of having a car accident would be half or 50:50. It's the same thing as saying that it is equally likely that a car has an accident or an accident.

With this in mind, we can consider applications of radar in the Telegraph. These claims are an example of the falsity of the tax, which may arise when multiple comparisons, as in the years between the tips

Thursday, March 22, 2012

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

much of our public life is based on theatrical techniques, so why theater is so often used as synonymous with lying?

comments published in The New York Times described the lawsuit filed on Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak as "an element of political theater," the Financial Times because of "political theater" and the recent emergence Rupert James Murdoch, before the culture, media and sport select committee, it seems that the "theater" is the word that tells us that someone is trying to deceive us, and that what we see is rhetoric, empty and all for show. Is this fair?

The Queen loved the Irish earlier this year with its emerald green shamrock embroidered costumes "," symbols of reconciliation that the public read in the visit. Nobody mentioned the costume design. Testing night in the back of the royal wedding in April were received as entirely appropriate preparations for a major public event. Nobody condemned as a farce or a fake attempt to fool people with the blank screen. When Jon Favreau became the youngest chief speechwriter in the White House at some point in 2008, which was praised for capturing the vocal style and cadence of Obama - an excellent ability, one might think, for a playwright create persuasive words to reveal the motivations and beliefs of a central character. (It is not surprising, Favreau said that when he finishes his current position, which may well consider writing screenplays.) Nobody has complained that Mr. Obama spoke of the lines of someone else.

much of our public life is based on techniques of theater singing lessons, which have been taken by George Osborne and Margaret Thatcher, the meticulous staging of Tony Blair, as the municipality, the Man, long-sleeved shirt, and mugs with the children, and even creating environments post-riot last week, as party leaders were placed in front of graffiti picturesque buildings and burned. Politicians often speak of "send messages", which of course implies a theatrical language of gesture and action steps to invoke broader meanings. The courts, hearings, courts and parliamentary procedures of all share many elements of theatrical performance and display.

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As a gay guy from Dublin, I know how modern Ireland celebrates St. Patrick. I'll go on the fanaticism of fashion in New York

As an Irishman, is a test that says I want a little less each year. But with a sort of playful resignation: the parade on St. Patrick again, is

guess I'd better complain leprechaun hats and discordant racial stereotypes, but over time, use some sort of green stuff and drink too much beer, in spite of myself. It is true that the celebration in Dublin can be fun, even if it is a blatant kitsch fest. This year, I actually had hopes even higher, having recently moved to New York - home of the world's largest parade, St. Patrick's Day. It would certainly be better here, I thought Fifth Avenue in March could be exciting.

I was wrong. Not green clothing, not really, and is not promotional websites that look like they are designed in a way in 1950. No, as a gay person, my negative attitude is due to something completely different: the organizers to ban me and other gay people, to participate openly. In one of the most diverse cities in the world, groups and gay, Irish or otherwise, can not walk under their own flags on Day Parade on Fifth Avenue from St. Patrick.

Why? And indeed, how? In short, the organizers say the parade is a religious procession, which is technically a private event. For many years, the Catholic Order of Hibernians old group sponsored the parade. Strictly enforced the ban on homosexuals by asserting its legal right to do so on the basis of a 1995 decision unanimously, the Supreme Court of the United States on a similar ban in Boston - a decision that said sponsors a parade can exclude whomever they want. And while the old order has fallen since the organization to lead the parade, some of the volunteer committee are still current members of the Order. The ban is.

Today, the Fifth Avenue Committee operates a "do not ask, do not tell". Emphasizes that gays are allowed to march - as long as you do not advertise their sexuality. For me, this attitude is outdated, distorted modern Ireland, and as Dublin, is not something I recognize.

this committee could be ignoring a simple fact of modern Ireland: This is in agreement with the gay stuff. Recent studies have shown that a vast majority of Irish people approve of gay marriage, with a survey of 2012 shows that 73% in favor of gay marriage is allowed in the Constitution. Civil unions were legal in Ireland since 2010, and received all parties. And above all, parade, St. Patrick's in Dublin on a regular basis included the gay theme floats.

mystery in English These birds are only members of its kind in England to show a particular behavior (including video)

Vanellus vanellus


Tringa Vanellus ), Linnaeus, 1758 also known such as the piping common Eurasian lapwing, plover, plover and green, as Lapwing or (in the British Isles) and the lapwing, photographed in Flashes Sandbach, Cheshire, England (British Isles).

picture: .. Roy Hill January 5, 2012 (with permission) [velociraptorize] 5DMKII Canon 135mm f / 2 to 1.4 converter

Exposure: 1/1600s, f / 5, ISO 200


My view was challenged hard by this mysterious bird photography - so I'm sure I must get some kind of glasses correction!

English mystery These birds are only members of its kind in England to show a particular behavior, this behavior is that? I also have some questions for others, questions that I must accept the word of the photographer, and I can not see the birds well enough to answer me. Are all birds of the same species? Can you identify these birds of the taxonomic family and species?


is a flock of lapwings,

Vanellus vanellus
, giving turns on the photographer's head as he fell to his knees in a swamp. (Well, I do not know if the "sinking in a swamp" part is true, but it sounded good!) According to the photographer, all the birds in this picture are the same species and because he really could not see even with a magnifying glass I believed him. Since then he has continued to torture me by sending me a bigger picture and yes, now I really do, because I can see the birds for me!

The lapwing is a plover (Family: Charadriidae) which is common in much of the Palearctic, located throughout Europe west of Russia, Kazakhstan to the south and eastern Siberia, Mongolia and northern China. This species winters in Western Europe, including the British Isles, where he was photographed this herd, the Mediterranean and throughout Eurasia and southern Japan. Initially, I had seen this species in winter, while living in Japan.

The lapwing is a wading bird plumage modeled, which is typical in most of his fellows. This species is remarkable because (1) is the only immigration Vanellus

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