Saturday, December 10, 2011

Coffee was the main cash crop for generations Rwenzori, but climate change is the inclination of the crown, the villagers say

It feels pretty great here. 1300 miles south of Juba, tomorrow night have been authorized to reveal a sunny, warm and fertile valley, with coffee fields extending up the hillsides, orchards of bananas, avacodos, grenades and lemons, and far above us in the next mountain range Cordillera of the mysterious, rarely seen on the moon. Lukonzo is a city in the mountains Rwenzori in Uganda, just in Ecuador, at 4,000 meters

"We the people Muhkonzo that it is the center of the earth where God established when he created the world. We have been blessed with everything here, "says Baluku Exavier, President of the assiociation farmers of the village.

You can believe, but is actually from the dozen or more small coffee farmers who came to meet us at home in the classification of people. With thousands of small coffee producers or grow large quantities for export to Europe and Japan, but are not quite sure this is paradise.

"We had a lot of changes," said one.

"Now we have seasons, but in the past have never had," said another.

"We lost 20% of our revenues," said a third.

Kyi Ekihugho


[the world is dry]," said the fourth.

Here we see
Mobuku river. Only 30 years ago, the bridge across it was to cover a massive flood zone was under water every year. These days, the river is a thread on the flood plain and has many years barely damp.

Oxfam emergency response Mylius Marten says the trend is disturbing: "In the 1980s PRODUVEN Rwenzori 15,000 tons of coffee is now 5,000 tons The decline is not only due to climate change , because the war .. devastated plantations, the land was subdivided populations have exploded, and no investment for years. But now we face new challenges. "

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