Wednesday, December 14, 2011

with deniers of climate change have increased hit the BBC recently. Somehow, this material is intended to strengthen their case zoo

A mother polar bear appeared on the ice planet was shot in a zoo. So climate change is not the case. What, if anything, is what commentators on Web sites devoted to attacking climate science claim to believe. Here is a small selection of Watts Up With That? site:

"Give to the BBC ... They are masters at their game of deception. "

" And there is the movement -. The methodology man made global warming. "

" When it comes to pull the rope and the purse strings on behalf of the AGW [anthropogenic global warming], there is no to resort to tricks very poor. "

mindnumbing is a matter of trivial, but I think the BBC should do more to warn viewers when the scenes were filmed in captivity. The General Manager, interviewed by the Culture, Media and Sport through the committee yesterday, said that when people were asked about the issue, the overwhelming response was that they wanted to see subtitles or listen advertisements in the programs of wildlife.

There is something quite revealing and touching about it. He suggests that people see these programs as much as listening to poetry: they want to be transported into a world where truth is less important than its beauty. However, do not feel quite right, and I think it would be appropriate for the BBC, at least in the list of scenes that are not shot in the closing credits of the film.

David Attenborough was very angry about it, wrote a letter to The Guardian that he seemed to ignore my complaint. However, programs have changed a fair bit since then, with the participation of local people and by removing the curtain to show how the footage was filmed. They also began to cover the most interesting environmental issues, as Attenborough has done in the last episode of the icy planet.

filming polar bears in a zoo has to do with climate change, however, no one knows. The program in which you have not mentioned. I was not trying to make a point, just to produce something beautiful and moving. However, the BBC has become an obsession among the deniers of climate change.

Last week World of Lord Lawson Policy Foundation released a global 70-page report that Christopher Booker known researcher, called the BBC and climate change: a triple betrayal. Lawson Attenborough on Radio Times, Booker was attacked in the Daily Mail (apparently before he had seen the show) and the Sunday Telegraph.
with climate change deniers have been knocking on the BBC for a long time, but especially since July, when the BBC Trust published a report by Professor Steve Jones in the coverage of the society of science. Noted, and not before time, that:. "For at least three years, the deniers of climate change have been marginal in the scientific debate, but somehow continued to find a place on the airwaves Their ability to make a more diligent research suggests that the impartiality required - or -. controversy continues to hamper objective information of a scientific history "

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