Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Inspection examination of the riots of the summer in the UK says that the police are not well prepared for 'generalized fast motion "attacks

serious consideration must be taken into account that the use of rubber bullets and water cannons to deal with public disorder for the first time outside Northern Ireland, the official journal of tactics police in the riots of the summer recommended.

The report of the General Police Inspectorate (Inspectorate), commissioned by the Home Secretary concludes that the police were not well prepared for the "widespread criminal attacks are opportunistic and move quickly on the property "seen in the riots in August that has left many cities in English.

The review indicates that the lack of equipment and the number of agents deployed hampered the intervention of the police. Some forces lacked shields and some police vehicles lacked reinforced grids.

The detective chief, Sir Denis O'Connor, said that a radical change in the tactics of the police was needed to prepare for a likely recurrence of the riots of the summer with Fast conversion programs launched at greater risk, urban areas before the Olympics.

"Some new rules of engagement are necessary for the police can protect the public trust," he said, adding that the best option was to get officers on the street as soon as possible but a debate "right" on the tactics needed to decide how to protect the population in the interim period.

"estimate of the expected police outnumbered the protesters 3:05-1:00, if they are to arrest and disperse groups - which means that the tactics of arrest has not been possible in some circumstances "

, the report says, the rules of engagement.

added that some police commanders erred on the safe side by using less powerful tactics, the status of their land instead of going forward to deal with problems, pending reinforcements arrived.

The report indicates that plastic bullets could be considered to deal with protesters throwing missiles and petrol bombs, to avoid "violent attacks against civilians" and arson, and when firefighters and an ambulance were under threat.

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