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courts have saved £ 3.75bn, says Maude


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. Coalition cuts have saved £ 3.75bn in eight months, says Maude

. Children eating disorder causes alarm numbers

grip the beverage industry in the panel criticized alcohol

. "Poor lose the rich" in the NHS reforms

. Bradford

poverty is hidden by focusing on the riots

. London 2012 park architecture sparks dispute between the old and new names

. British women more likely to develop cancer

. Bupa to take a scalpel to "unnecessary" surgery

. Diane Abbott: "Blue Force is a dead end" - video

. Charlie Brooker: Think of here, maybe blue-sky thinking is stupid

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. The public sector workers need to "discipline and fear," said Letwin

. Coalition cuts make life difficult for mothers

. Paulina Black: Back to My Roots

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. Mirror: British charity CONDEM nominal cuts of 100 million pounds, according to a report published tomorrow

. Telegraph: those responsible for payments cost £ 1 billion per year

. Independent: NHS urged to pay for music therapy to cure depression

. Inside the house: £ 20 million to address the street to sleep

. community care: a social worker hit after exposure of children at risk

. Third Sector: Charity Commission confirms 125 job cuts in restructuring

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. The reality of women in total, who are concerned about the use of media have disability statistics. Is fully warned last week about the misrepresentation of the number of candidates found


and returned to the previous incorrect stories Commission complaints. But he said more may need to do and wrote to the UK Statistics Authority

"... to seek to intervene by requiring the Department of Work and Pensions to include guidelines on statistics of disability benefits should and should not be used. In particular, we would warn against the Authority some of the most notorious examples of inaccurate information, we have seen. "

. A great battle cry of Mike Barrett, CEO of Porchlight

homeless charity


"... recent developments in relation to media coverage of the service cut the homeless shows that some commissioners are not responsible for the decisions they make. These decisions are very difficult, I understand, but no doubt the honesty and transparency are now vital for organizations and users know what they face in the coming months and years ahead. "discuss" these issues in the media attention not the best way to get a thought in strategic decisions on how to provide (or not) to the most vulnerable in our society. Unfortunately, it was the only way to get an admission that the service is severely reduced of 75%.

have also been in this industry long enough to know that raising these questions that have been deleted copy of our book, but there is a moment I feel, when the duty to care to our service users and the obligation to remain faithful to the constitution of charity prevails over politics and "the game". If you do not defend the poor and homeless, it seems that parts of creation are happy to sacrifice for the love of the bureaucracy to maintain services at idle. "

. Dads. The charity 4Children and website parental DadTalk today to ask for more help

parents involved in parenting

. As the deadline approaches the response to changes proposed by the government for the rights of parental employment, 4Children said he wants to give parents new rights to appointments and prenatal classes. Executive Director of the organization, Anne Longfield said:

"From our work with families, we know that it takes time for some parents feel fully integrated as equal partners in parents - especially first babies If a man can be present for a lot of crucial moments. as possible, before and after birth, which can only help build a happy family, the stronger from the beginning. "

. New research by the charity Drinkaware who believes that adults are turning to alcohol in response to stress or a bad day at work. The organization says are more likely to achieve

because of negative experiences as a result of having a great day or a good day at work. The research also reveals that three in five women drink two or more glasses of wine in a typical night, beating the guidelines recommended units per day, and two thirds of men say they drink at least two liters of beer (4 Units) an average night in the country.

. A fabulous blog, inspired DisabledLives, profiles of some of the artists, scholars, writers and politicians, who also happens to be disability

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