Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The last conference on climate change will strengthen the fight against global warming

conference on climate change at the UN, and not for themselves to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Negotiations on the objectives and texts can not do this, government policies that encourage and require business investment in low carbon technologies and other activities to reduce emissions can

therefore the standard by which the UN talks is to be tried or not do the investment policy and are more likely or less. From this point of view during the conference ended in Durban, South Africa, amid considerable drama, should be considered a great success.

First, it forced the country to recognize their climate policies are insufficient. Durban Accord explicitly refers to "emissions gap" - the difference between the total impact of the commitments that countries have, and the upper limit of emissions needed to have the opportunity to reach the agreed target overall more than two degrees of global warming. This gap is large, and the countries agreed that their objectives must be strengthened to try to close it. It took a view of Durban 2C of the mouth of impossibility. Is still very difficult, but if more concerted action is taken now time, however, it could be.

Third, the conference established a new Climate Fund Green, which, if well-funded (another "if" and not "when"), will provide vital support for poor countries to s' adapting to climate change are already facing.

Thus, in all these forms of Durban has given great impetus to the political climate and low carbon investments. Before the conference began, few people believed that such an agreement could be reached. This was due to an unprecedented alliance of the European Union with the large group of poor countries and the island that are more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Actually the defeat of these countries, including the United States, he would not increase their level of ambition or the exercise of a legally binding framework, the partnership has provided an encouraging example of how the UN process can improve the small countries and progressive political goals.
Durban So save us from global warming? Not, in itself, such as green NGOs have rightly pointed out, not to distract the world from the dangerous road to a four-degree rise in temperature as we walk. But it will help to strengthen the fight against it.

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