Wednesday, December 14, 2011

British leaders seem army

cartoon dad, an island decorated with a flag of the union of Europeans are bad, tattooed in their brains. Cameron and Clegg should have Captain Mainwaring and Sergeant Wilson as templates (Report, December 10). In defense of his own bank, in this case, donors conservative, is not the same as defending the interests of Britain, although the national survey of attitudes suggests that they are intolerant and selfish.

The Conservative government last shot in the foot by vetoing legislation that supports attempts to overcome the embargo on British beef. As MP, he fought for five years with the miserable consequences of what has harmed the interests of our peoples solidarity instead of our institutions, and hoped he had learned his lesson.

But now Britain is pointing the gun to his head. It will not be heard when important economic decisions are made. Even the language of negotiations will change - why English should be the common basis of European descent more? In addition, the coalition should consider the following: when crucial decisions are taken in 2012 on the reform of food policy and the environment, or the entire budget and programs of the EU - which until now have helped in many industries, researchers, voluntary organizations and local areas - the influence of Britain today strongly marginalized. Remember when producers and consumers in the UK complain before the local elections, national and EU in the years to come.

Clive Needle

Labour MEP for Norfolk


. It is incredible that the Prime Minister refused to sign an agreement to stop the European economic crisis on the basis that the interests of the City of London would not be protected. It is the lack of regulation of the city that created the greatest economic disaster in the UK has faced since World War II, for which we all suffer today. David Cameron had a choice. To defend the national interests of the people of that country or to defend the interests of short-term financial vampires sucking the blood of our economy and hidden in their blood banks in the Cayman Islands offshore. He made his choice and the people now, they do. The Prime Minister may have "played a blind" so that the conservative right is concerned. However, the price of his party will pay electoral oblivion.

Ed Matthew


. With reference to the article by Ed Miliband (low Choice and tragic December 10), which is very difficult to imagine that behind veto Cameron is a more sinister? Namely, 1) voluntarily isolate the UK from the rest of EU countries and the euro area in particular. 2) Wait to act (of course) in their own interests, economic groups. 3) argue that these interests are not the same as the UK, therefore 4) Accelerate a referendum on leaving the EU on the basis that "more" (after our own interests, veto based) is the national interests of the United Kingdom? Such a referendum would be fed and encouraged by the right-wing press, the financial fat cats, and - unfortunately - no doubt the Liberal Democrats servile be allowed to stay in power. A sad day for us all.

Dr. David Mair


Tunbridge Wells, Kent

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