Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The head of the EU held the nerve of climate change in the U.S., China and India to accept a legally binding agreement to reduce carbon emissions

Connie Hedegaard, head of the climate of the EU was seen as the hero of the Durban meeting that there was a surprisingly strong result in the early hours of Sunday.

"She is very, very good and we feel very fortunate to have," said Chris Huhne, the UK energy and climate change secretary. "He kept all together in an impressive -. A class act"

Hedegaard, then once the youngest person elected to the Danish Parliament, was the architect of the EU plan to bring together developed and developing for the first time in a legally binding agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Reached an agreement that met most of the objectives of the EU, met most of the developing countries and even brought the United States on board.

Thus, Hedegaard saved the UN process of negotiations without an agreement in Durban collapsed. Switching Hedegaard also forced China to recognize that legal commitments are equal to developed countries.

"You could hear the movement of tectonic plates," said one diplomat. "This is very important not only for the climate negotiations, but in terms of geopolitics."

Durban was Hedegaard
opportunity to raise a new phoenix from the ashes of the fire of Copenhagen. And he was determined to do so.

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