Saturday, December 24, 2011

Perhaps the season of goodwill has done something for John Patterson, but is full of good memories of 2011. Just do not forget His Highness ...

I live in Los Angeles, I have a car so powerful, muscle-old and I drive too fast in the beautiful highways are supposed to be the ruin of our city. Surprise, surprise, then,


was one of my favorite movies this year (although only after a second viewing I turned reluctant). As John Boorman on Point Blank, Nicolas Winding Refn Danish city is eaten with the eyes of a stranger - and kills many people very unfriendly, as usual. Refn earned its place in any revision of Los Angeles Plays Itself Thom Anderson. The city has not looked this good or bad, as Michael Mann's Collateral. another exile in Scandinavia, Sweden, Tomas Alfredson, addressed the customs of the past of the British intelligence in 1970 incredibly exciting Soldier Spy Tinker measure. For anyone familiar with the novel or the series of the BBC, the delights of the film is to see what aspects of the complex history of the contract filmmakers, expand, delete, or invented to meet a time of two hours on. An almost silent performance of Gary Oldman as George Smiley, was a revelation. All the energy, however, still agitated after a light facade Other encouraging signs that the death of more mainstream films inm Moneyball

the best sports film since Ron Shelton AWOL infection Soderbergh film more successful of pure emotion over the years need to talk about Kevin experience with another disastrous performance for the ages by Tilda Swinton,

The Tree of Life , which I loved, once released, but it bothers me in this time but our relationship will evolve, I trust Hugo

, a toy store in a film that is more interesting, as Scorsese The Departed, visually stunning and worthy Georges Melies , its own heroes Super 8

, Spielberg's best film of 2011, mainly because JJ Abrams is going, and intelligent comedies

ladies of honor

our brother idiot.

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