Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Council makes a bob or two with the flagellation of men Lego jets whose source too often associated with buyers. Northern correspondent Alan Sykes arts Guardian.

most of us know the problem of how to get rid of an unwanted possession, and many people use online auction sites as the solution.

In the case of Newcastle City Council, unwanted possession is a series of 44 figures of six feet tall stylized human made of reinforced concrete and covered with a mottled plaster weighs half a ton each, and decided to whip on ebay.

figures, known locally as the "Lego Men" were part of a work of Ray Smith, who was next to the Haymarket Metro station in Newcastle between 1999 and 2008. Built at a cost of £ 270 000, building, officially called "shoulder against shoulder," standing near the obelisk commemorating the Boer War with a hexagonal bronze statue of Winged Victory of Samothrace like Victoria (although In 1978, his wings were replaced with glass fibers after being damaged by lightning). They acted as a barrier between the pedestrian area of ??the round tube station and a busy road junction. Unfortunately, the water feature of the work does not react well to stormy weather, sometimes giving unsuspecting passers immersion events. Were removed in 2008 (at a cost of another £ 70,000) and stored on a vacant lot near the city center.

Newcastle Evening Chronicle

not a fan of sculpture, was recently given one of the figures and after a competition, awarded to Laura Taylor, who plans to paint black and white of Newcastle United Alan Shearer and the number 9 and paste it into your garden in Chester-le-Street. Meanwhile, the first figure is £ 1254 on ebay when all bids ended last week, up from its original home of 99p, and considerably more than the board was expected. Currently there are four figures for sale - two couples and two singles - with auctions ending at noon on September 23. The proceeds will go to Newcastle Fund, which gives money to groups of local volunteers. Newcastle City Council leader Nick Forbes country Comment:

While it is unrealistic to expect us to recover our initial investment, all of the above involved a cost to the Council because it is good to see as much money as possible, raised for a good cause through our city.

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