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e-mail after the stepmother went viral customs, Freddie Bourne reveals surprising new online business

Since Carolyn Bourne strong criticism of the upcoming wedding of his step-son, Freddie, it is doubtful that it believes it is the ideal person to help arrange the marriages of others. So you may be surprised to learn that the employer of 29 years, is involved in a company that specializes in this.

Ms. Bourne, for the few who have not heard of him, shot to fame after he sent an e-mail pal Freddie, Heidi Cruz - criticizing his "lack of education "and the couple's plans for her big day - went viral. Night of Ms. Bourne has become the" mother-in-law from hell "or, as the American press called her" Momzilla. "

But his criticism now seems to have been given added spice, new businesses and Freddie Bourne.



can reveal that last month Bourne and two friends in their twenties, Alexander and Anthony Bayliss Teale, established Mise-en-Bouche Ltd , a catering and corporate events in which they are the only shareholders and, according to its website, can provide the "wedding of your dreams."

The revelation has raised interesting questions as to whether the line was orchestrated online as a public relations exercise, a request rejected by those involved.

Bourne, who is married to Cruz in the fall in the magnificent Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire, in a ceremony reported £ 18 000, used the services of the company is still to be seen .

"Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life," gushes the site that was created before Freddie got involved in the business. "And for this reason, everything must be perfect ... very few companies can offer the quality service we do. "


site that can provide the "ideal case as" unlikely to reassure Ms. Bourne, who was smoking in his e-mail. "No one gets married in a castle unless you own is foolhardy celebrity style, of behavior. "

skepticism about the choice of place of marriage of his son-in is not a ringing endorsement to one of the main services provided by the company, which according to its website, can provide " a long list of sites for all different styles of celebration in London and surrounding areas. What a cocktail with canap├ęs, a barbecue in the garden, full sit-down dinner or the wedding of your dreams, the list of possibilities is endless! " And the company's ability to provide luxury snacks as "mini-meat and potatoes topped with green pepper, butter" and "chicken skewers with lemon and ginger sauce ponzu dipping "is also likely that receive little attention from Ms. Bourne, who said Cruz:" I understand that your parents are not able to contribute greatly to the cost of your wedding If so, would be distinguished and elegant lower their gaze and be modest wedding accordingly. once their income. "

But perhaps the old adage that there is no such thing as bad publicity, but will become a reality for Bourne, whose business interests have so far been limited to the running a bike shop online.

But Bayliss denied the dispute was designed to publicize the court. "It's a stunt," he said. "I could not comment further. I do not want to get involved in this area."

Although it was included in the register only a few weeks, the company, based in an industrial area in Fulham, west London, was the subject of a dispute between Teale, who registered his Internet domain name in 2008, and a former business partner.

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