Friday, December 16, 2011

huge cache equipment worth over £ 228m will be commissioned by the Iraqi army, which is the primary beneficiary

United States

output led one of the great movements of troops and equipment of modern times and an increase in sales of fire.

The army says it has about 3.5 million items for the Iraqi government more than $ 353m (£ 228m). In doing so, it is estimated, has saved about $ 605m in transport costs, is back in the United States or Afghanistan.

much of the equipment left behind was quickly put into service by the beneficiary, the Iraqi army, which has also purchased equipment such as armored vehicles and weapons, as part of an auction process.

From a peak of over 500 bases in 2007, the U.S. has more than two in southern Iraq, and the two will close later this month. The imprint of the giant once it was brought here as the environmental footprint, and the Iraqi authorities fear that the war has a toxic legacy.

However, these fears were allayed at all times, with 1400 sites cleaned up since 2010 with 10,000 tonnes of waste and recycling 6,000 tons, according to figures provided by the army last month. Approximately 70,000 tons of metal was sold to scrap dealers and scrap yards.

same time, social and environmental audit is also beginning to take shape. United Nations on Thursday the development of the information it has collected from the Iraq Ministry of Planning, collected in the first three months of this year.

Dora station, which supplies Baghdad, was overworked and low power from the beginning of the war. During the summer months in Iraq wild homes can provide the city with just over three hours of electricity each day. Additional savings have increased production from the station at about 3500 megawatts, but was not close to matching the additional needs generated by widespread access to white goods.


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