Tuesday, December 20, 2011


increased metal prices and flight into a dangerous combination

speaking of the Church and of crime, such as the North has only been there an interesting upcoming conference in Leeds.

yet another unfortunate effect of the recession is the rise in metal prices that work with financial difficulties to raise the age that threatens the theft of church roofs.

The North has continued for several years and remains a serious problem, with centuries of beauty and craftsmanship at risk because of the trust and openness in which the churches have long relied. The scrap metal industry is doing everything possible - it had its rules explained to me when I was a Radio 4 program on the subject. However, there are too many points for thieves to use for a quick sale, and when you see the mountains of scrap metal to China on the docks of Newport in South Wales - that dwarf anything imagined Dickens Our Mutual Friend - can see is the extent of market demand.

Therefore, the Diocese of Ripon and Leeds expects a good turnout, Wednesday, November 16 at the office of the diocese in St. Mary Street, Leeds, for a meeting on the protection of his church against the flight of metal. There will be agents of crime there, a representative of the Church Security and an architect of the historic buildings English Heritage.

churches and others interested in participating should contact her at @ alice.ullathorne riponleeds-diocese.org.uk or telephone 0113 2000544

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