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Edinburgh is the place to connect a book, watch a segment family and to hear the raid on the magician and the media baron

? in Edinburgh for the festival. The weather forecast promised sunny clouds, which means that the rain started sheeting until after lunch. On Thursday there was a lot of sun, but it was actually raining at the same time.

I think the city looks better in the rain, is the equivalent of an actor in makeup fading. In the sun, which is a little embarrassing, as if you teach too many defects. It takes a bit of blow. In the tent of the writers in the book fair, we warm with whiskey in front of a hot stove makes a noise like e-mail the night came from the top of Shap.

"sign my book for a long lunch, the memories of people I knew. We are also here to see our daughter play in a comedy called Christmas for two. I think they are very funny and surreal, but his father, I suppose. They get good homes, which is fortunate, because I read, the average margin of attendance is seven years. However, there seems to be an insatiable appetite for comedy here, when we arrived at the scene Pleasance, there were dozens of people queuing for many events, waiting patiently for a flood later

The actor we saw was Jessica Ransom, which I appreciated. "Edinburgh is like the Olympics," he said, "a large number of buildings under construction, and a bunch of amateurs trying to outdo the other."

? In the book festival, we went to Tam Dalyell, Labour MP who left the House of Commons in 2005 as the father of the house. His memory is called The importance of being awkward. It is perhaps surprisingly, a natural comedian, even without knowing it. The more the issue, the more likely they were to answer a single, shouted "Yes!" or "no!" high to the delight of spectators.

Jim Naughtie

the story of 1982 and the Falklands War, which Tam was almost single-handedly trying to stop. At four o'clock the phone rang. Tam was in Lima, who had come to the time zone confusion. "Jim, do you remember that song you wrote in the Scotsman two months ago? Well, I spoke with President of Peru, and is furious! "Solve the early morning hours.


At one point, referred to some long-forgotten campaign that Tam had fought as tenaciously as he fought. "We want to get stuck there," he said. "I," said Tam.

Barry Cryer ?

just completed his term. On Wednesday night he made his riff Murdoch, saying - "What was the first thing that attracted you to millionaire Paul Daniels" Adapting the immortal words of Caroline Aherne to Debbie McGee - I want to ask Wendi Deng, "The First thing was attracted by billionaire Rupert Murdoch ?'"

They did not know is that Daniels and McGee were in the audience. But Daniels is a duck in the original slides of water, oil and insults. Even came backstage for a chat.

was, of course, David Cameron, before pro-Murdoch and Murdoch stage anti-phase.

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