Sunday, December 25, 2011

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Carry On, Doctor

If the Fiver was a doctor, his patient football, we insist on hearing their pain, stimulate our glasses half on the bridge of the nose, lean forward, repeatedly the end products a pencil and say "mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, yeah, yeah, yeah, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah, mmm, but our forecast is that they seem to have been totally jiggered by capitalism and give two months, tops "before beating around the head, into a burlap sack with a pair of half-bricks, a group of the bag on the back of our car, and wheelspinning in the direction of the nearest river, leaving the role of surgery full of patients waiting wondering when the hell was coming to see healer.

In this imaginary world, some pots and pans patients are stuck in your head, like bingo. In fact, the Fiver was probably a little too far off the mark with this, suffice it to say that not a doctor. But football remains in critical condition - so influential that a parliamentary committee called for "urgent reform" of the Football Association, having concluded that the sport could probably do with a more proactive regulatory body, a committee room of old stale tea and biscuits cramming thugs in their jaws drooling and a marketing department consists of fresh powder chatter Soho blue sky thinking scribbling nonsense arrogant idiots as "a world-class organization with a winning mentality" by the front window of the office . They did it. They did it.

"No one doubts the success of the football Premier League in the revitalization," said committee chair John Whittingdale. "But it was accompanied by serious financial problems in the football pyramid in the league. AF is the organization for work, but it has a long way to get their own house in order. We need a reform of the FA monitor and support a rigorous and consistent club licensing and strict rules on club property, which must be transparent for the fans. "The Committee also calls for professional football to give up part of their profits to fund grassroots and ensure long-term future of Supporters Direct. Dr Fiver, putting his white coat for a minute, provides that this remedy is likely to be approved by the FA and Premier League clubs in the fifth part of the ever, and if someone wants to take the problems that plague the game in seriously, you might as well chuck this bag on deck and now they have done with it.

QUOTE of the day

"I saw the announcement this morning and to be honest, it turned out better than I thought. It was a great day for us and it was fun. We have eight hours of shooting showing 26 seconds Venky are willing to put our name on everyone expects me free chicken for life now .. "- Just how bad that Michel Salgado


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"If Aurelio De Laurentiis was so ashamed to be Italian (quote of the day yesterday), I say shouting and gesticulating furiously, before leaving on a moped is not the best way to demonstrate. It as he could and made an ice cream van, slice of pizza in hand, the sound of Pavarotti "-. Nick Cotter

"I begin to think you are doing to their families. Uncle Fiver Fiver Cable nephew strange means has at least once ... Well, you know ... with a lady, and this is simply not plausible "-. Matt Corbishley (and others)

"As an admirer of the desire to leave the football Fiver fully support the campaign to restart the game, but it raises some difficult ethical decisions. No less important, though fans of Arsenal Arsene should try to turn, and back to see if Wenger starts with 97-98 installed "- Matt Winter

"The highest levels of football could be a" sarcastic, greedy, vain fiasco "as quoted in yesterday's Fiver, but it sure does not apply to the rest of the pyramid English football? Clubs labeling as Lincoln City, Forest Green Rovers, or even the holy AFC Wimbledon as "vile and greedy" is a little too far, and I think that removal is in order. I am very upset with his comments humorous comments that completely escaped me "-. Mike Patten

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