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a massive police operation is underway to remove and recover scrap old as Dale Farm Green Belt land. What does it cost the taxpayer?

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Basildon Council in collaboration with the police and a firm of bailiffs is in the process of eviction of 86 families - 400 people - the 52 plots at Dale Farm. This is an operation planned and coordinated, preceded by a failed attempt last month when activists won a court order. How much are the taxpayers paying to clear Dale Farm?

Counsel states:

Basildon council official said the "worst case" Bill is 18 million pounds, including a bill of £ 10 million for the police operation and 8 million pounds of the Council.

Bill is divided into:

constant and Co. - the agents recruited by the council of £ 2.2m

East of England Ambulance Service £ 200 000

specialist fire safety equipment £ 50 000
Temporary accommodation
£ 1m
temporal link facilities £ 100,000

additional resources to the Council to support the operations of £ 300,000

additional resources to support the Council after surgery £ 250 000
£ 900,000 to operational

Total - £ 5 million

A spokesman said in a statement:

Although detailed cost includes a contingency operational before there is a possibility that operating costs may exceed £ 5,000,000 indicated. In this case you will need a supplementary budget to be agreed to ensure the safe and proper completion of the work of sanitation. It is therefore proposed that the Director General and CEO delegated authority to approve additional costs up to £ 1.5 million as the estimated cost of remediation work to 6.5 million pounds. Added to 1.5 million pounds of post-operative expenses, amounting to 8 million pounds.

a press officer also told me by phone that the game was interrupted in September cost the council £ 400,000, after he had to "be down "any transaction that was described above. It is clear that these factors in their cost calculations content in general.

Dale Farm Solidarity says:

The group

campaign against deportation makes the following cost estimate. Expected costs in early October (before the legal process is over) are as follows:

£ 12.5 million for the costs of control

£ 2.5m Council reserves to cover the additional costs incurred £ 2.2m to bailiffs ever and Co.

£ 1.5 million cost of site clearance

£ 1m temporary accommodation

£ 550,000 for staffing Council

£ 436 000 for legal fees of the Board

£ 250,000 for fire and ambulance

£ 188 000 for legal

£ 67 000 for equality and rights of the legal fees of the Commission
A £ 21.3
m in total, the equivalent of £ 248 000 for a family evicted.

said that costs were £ 6,000,000 from the Department of the Interior and £ 1.2 million Department of Eric Pickles' for communities and local government.

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