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In July, reports of phone hacking at News International crisis erupted in the press, police and politicians. For a lawyer, and three members - some of which had been under surveillance themselves - that was the turning point of his career

The Grand

phone hacking scandal of 2011, as a hurricane passed through the corridors of British power, corruption and embezzlement blowing open and leaving a trail of ruined careers in their wake. But for a small group of players, the exhibition has proved its decisions. In the film will inevitably be made on the incredible events of this summer, there are three key roles that some backbench - Tom Watson, Louise Bryant and Chris Mensch - MS and a lawyer named Mark Lewis

"This morning I turned down a request to do something on Japanese television," said Lewis, the lawyer representing several victims of hacking the phone, including the family of Milly Dowler. "There was an article on my test The

Hollywood Reporter and I was interviewed in New Zealand . I walk the streets and people offered to buy me dinner. There are people who send me emails saying, "You are the modern-day Jesus Christ." Aside from the fact that both are Jewish, of course, I'm not. "

In 2006, Lewis, speaking with slow deliberation and walks with a limp, was a partner in a law firm representing the Association of Professional Footballers Manchester (PFA), the players' union led by Gordon Taylor . Lewis was able to maintain a false story about Taylor



, but when Clive Goodman, royal correspondent of the newspaper, the private detective Glenn Mulcair were sent prison in 2007 for hacking phone, Lewis realized how the tabloids had initially been the story of Taylor - a misinterpretation of a phone message that its reporter had illegally accessed

during subsequent negotiations with the newspaper of evidence has emerged, one Mulcair incriminating email to another

New World

journalist who suggested hacking the phone that was widespread. News International has agreed to pay about £ 700 000 to Taylor and his lawyers to put a lid on the scandal.

was a decision that could backfire spectacularly. Lewis carried out the work practices of tabloid journalism, and began to represent a number of celebrities who are believed to have been targeted by pirates in the phone. Gradually, the evidence accumulated, until the critical revelation earlier this year that killed a teenager Milly Dowler phone was hacked.

In an extraordinary couple of weeks during the summer,

New World

was closed, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner has resigned, several figures bow of the media were arrested, Rupert Murdoch and James was presented to members of the House of Commons select committee, News Corp. withdrew its offer to buy BSkyB, party leaders issued an apology for relations with the International News loose, and announced a public inquiry.

In July, a month before the riots, which seemed as if the powerful bond of media, police and politicians were burned.

Lewis found out later that he and his ex-wife and children had been placed under surveillance by the International News. He says there was a time when he left his practice in Manchester and moved to London, which was on the personal and professional destruction. Yet more victims continues to act.

"Why do I drive?" He asks. "It's something that I am. I have, is part of my character. I've always been a person who speaks."

While condemning the police action, particularly Hayman, Andy (the officer in charge of the investigation of piracy phone 2005-2006, and later took a job with the New international), Lewis cites fellow Charlotte lawyer Mark Thomson and Harris as heroes, with the

"I was quite clumsy in my questions," he recalls. "I asked a question that is now regarded as important is:" Who authorized the money? "Because that's what they did during Watergate. It was an exercise in kite."

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