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was originally published in The Guardian, Manchester July 11, 1925

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blog: Mormons and non-retarded, a correction of 1925

The scene in the courtroom for the Scopes trial in Dayton today was a local holiday. Evangelists preaching outside, and the violinists and street vendors everywhere. Viewers who were privileged to attend the first day of the trial of John T. Scopes, who is accused of violating Tennessee law by teaching Darwin's theory of evolution, he made his way through a crowd that included climbers from Tennessee and picturesque tourists dressed in khaki. The main drama faced the battery of photographers at the entrance to the courtroom.

Judge Raulston, the presiding judge, who arrived with a Bible and a dictionary under his arm, was accompanied by his wife and two daughters. She posed for photographers. When the court was finally called to ask a local Methodist minister, opened the ceremony with a prayer. In announcing that there had been some doubts about the legality of his position before the grand jury in this case, the judge proceeded to put together another Raulston Grand Jury. A session of two years the judge called the jurors' names in the box.

[Scopes was convicted July 21, 1925, but the sentence was later overturned]

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