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wallpaper, chicken feed and Agatha Christie have in common?

Today, we adhere to another gray material, but unlike other things we have learned, it often has a lead role in a series of novels by Agatha Christie. Arsenic is a metalloid, meaning that it has qualities of metals and nonmetals. Arsenic has the atomic symbol and atomic number 33. Arsenic is found just below the phosphorus (which is essential for life) in the periodic table.

arsenic atoms can assume several different binding models that are the basis of its allotropes, each with a different color, metallic silver, arsenic yellow and black. Interestingly, using a hammer to hit arsenide minerals smell like garlic, which is the result of toxic gases created by the oxidation of arsenic trioxide arsenic. arsenic has an interesting history. It was commonly used as a poison against rodents in households English, and was also a murder weapon practice, especially among the ruling classes. However, Victorian England using arsenic in a variety of ways, but it was incorporated into wallpaper to prevent mold growth during the winter night, wet English, which was used as the color green in paint, candy and candles, and as a preservative in lace. Unfortunately, the white powder is easily confused with sugar or flour and joined the family meal, resulting in many accidental poisonings, we learn in the fascinating book,


century arsenic

: How Victorian England was poisoned at home, work and play

by James C. Whorton [Amazon UK, Amazon U.S.]. Unfortunately, "Mr. Yuck "does not appear for another 100 years.

Given the toxicity of arsenic, which was very surprising when you

very bit questionable research was published in the
Science few months ago on arsenic associated with bacterial life. In one or two days, the scientist Rosie Redfield wrote a long and detailed analysis of working methods and conclusions and posted on his blog - that the work was later published as a letter
However, our favorite chemistry teacher said that the investigation in question claimed found:
Curiously, arsenic is used as an additive in chicken feed business in the United States after it was found that low concentrations acts as a stimulant for growth and prevent infection intestinal parasite coccidia. But in addition to being a poison when taken in high doses, chronic ingestion of low levels of arsenic is a health hazard as well, which could act as a carcinogen in humans consume chickens for livestock or drinking water contaminated with chicken droppings. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
Video journalist Brady Haran is the man with the camera and the University of Nottingham is the place with the chemicals. You can follow him on twitter @ periodicvideos Brady and the University of Nottingham on twitter @ UniNottingham
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