Saturday, December 24, 2011

frail singer says he feels "small but surprising in a press conference outside his home in North London

George Michael has revealed how he came to die of pneumonia, describing his recent battle with the disease as "touch and go" and "by far the worst month of my life."

The singer, who was treated at a hospital in Austria after the fall while he is sick on tour last month, said he was "very small, but incredible" after his return in the UK.

told reporters at a press conference in the haste of his house in north London, a handsome, emotionally fragile, Michael said he would not speak for a long time and was recovering from a tracheotomy.

He said: -

"It was by far the worst month of my life, but I'm incredibly lucky to be here and took the problem I did. "

fighting back tears, the singer said she was "awake" in the hospital 10 days ago and had downplayed the seriousness of their illness not to alarm their fans. "I streptococcal thing ... It is a form of pneumonia and spent three weeks keeps me alive, basically, "he said.

also said that compensate for the canceled tour dates Symphonica. "The plan is to reach every person who had a ticket," he said. "And I like to play a show for the doctors at the hospital in Austria, who saved my life."

Michael posed for pictures in front of a Christmas tree in a green area across the road from his house. When asked if it is made without his dark glasses, he smiled and said, "No, I'm sorry."

before his appearance, an aide brought a plate of patties waiting reporters and photographers. Michael wished everyone a Merry Christmas and said, ". I hope you enjoyed your meat pies "

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