Friday, December 16, 2011

Driven from their land by drought, famine, Somali families are forced to go to war-torn capital in search of food

drought in East Africa - photos

surrounding Mogadishu prairies turned to dust, once bustling shops bombed shell in the Somali capital has become home to the farm families and their few surviving animals. As the wind swept the last of the grass, and with it the hope of the earth would continue to support all people and animals who rely on it for survival. In the absence of other options, thousands of families walking with their herds remaining in the devastated capital of Somalia.

Many have settled with their emaciated children and animals across the road from the Bakara market - the first line of the war against the Islamist group Al-Shabaab. The crack of AK-47 shooting and the whistling of bullets points above their despair. The shots do not scare the new inhabitants at its branches and fabric stores, as they were accustomed to the noise almost constant war. Along the street cows are dragging tree branches in Mogadishu. No grass for the hungry animals. for the leaves of trees in the city should be sufficient.

can not expect much, though. The queue is moving slowly. International aid agencies who usually feed famine victims have fled Mogadishu, more or less - the Islamists who control much of the city, and even the country, have become too dangerous help.The number seven is called and a woman finds its way to the front, producing a thin stick boy under her burqa. A child who is seven years old, is four.

been a man has a child of barely conscious in his hand a label with the number 57. In this case, will not be today. The fate of a child can be so many children trapped in the fighting and famine in Somalia - that can not survive back tomorrow

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