Friday, December 16, 2011


was originally published in The Guardian, Manchester October 21, 1948

Miami, Florida.

Man bird told us that there would be a terrible shortage of birds in Florida this winter because of the disaster in September, when hundreds of thousands of birds have been launched against the Empire State Building in New York, and all the feathered population have been eliminated.

"were all the way south for the season," he said sadly, "if we do not have bird houses or build-eating birds in the trees. There will be many fewer people. A horrible thing, all the songbirds and oven, all over the northern U.S. and Canada, launched against the tallest building in the world. "

"Maybe we were dazzled by excess of light," has helped my husband, "which could hit the Empire State Building as is so often mixed against the lighthouses along the coast Atlantic. "

"could not have fog in all cities at once," he says, "in Nashville and San Antonio and Philadelphia, for example, and the birds were avoiding large buildings for generations. . One of the first things their mothers taught them what they learned from their own mothers. "Beware of large buildings when in flight." As we say to [our] children to be considered for the traffic. "

"Thousands of them must have been on their way south," the birdman "for warmer climates, the mahogany forests may be silk or cotton Yucatan in the Bahamas. They asked nothing of life but were bothering anyone, it was not necessary, even for their own transportation furnished All I wanted was to spend the summer in which he could see the sun a natural desire, no doubt unique to humans and birds .... Why should they be punished for that? "

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