Thursday, December 15, 2011

The field guide for scientists to citizens, which aims to bring together all the species on the planet as a whole has reached the milestone of 750 000

an ambitious attempt to create an encyclopedia of all known species on Earth has reached a new milestone.

Encyclopedia of Life (EOL), a free website and collaboration, announced Monday that it has pages for each of the 750 000 species, which means more than a third of all species of, 9 m of the planet are covered.

"Encyclopedia of Life is a field guide for the ultimate online citizen scientists," said Jennifer Preece, dean of the School of Information Studies at the University of Maryland. "There are many sites line dedicated to specific groups of species such as insects, birds or mammals. From Noah, however, there was an effort like this for all species in the world together. "

The directors of the Encyclopedia of Life say they want to become an inverted microscope, or "macroscope," helping users to discern large-scale models. By aggregating the data for analysis, say the Encyclopedia of Life could, for example, help map vectors of human disease, reveal mysteries of longevity, suggest substitute plant pollinators for a growing list of areas where the bees are no longer offering this service, and promote strategies to reduce the spread of invasive species.

Founded in 2007, the Encyclopedia of Life had 30,000 pages of species in early 2008, so that the new version of a huge expansion. Harvard biologist Edward recognized the O. Wilson, one of the promoters of the Encyclopedia of Life, said the new site "store opens huge and growing encyclopedia of life skills to a much wider range of users, including medicine, biotechnology, ecology, and now all Again, the general public. "

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