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What were the stories of the 2011 data? What figures seized the headlines and defined the year? Find our top stories of the year data

What were the main figures for 2011? What numbers defined the ups and downs of a full year of news? To occupy the tensions in the euro area and the riots in England, Datablog has everything covered. Here's our look back at the year in the data.

Fuskushima 30 power plant workers were exposed to radiation at 100 mSv, May 30 after a tsunami destroyed the plant safety systems Fukushima. The maximum recommended one year is 100 mSv and a full body CT-exposed to 10msv. Levels reached 400 mSv in the early days of the disaster with two workers who were "between 200mSv and 580mSv."


Unemployment rate of young in Spain to 48% is the worst in Europe. More than one million between 16 and 24 are unemployed in the UK today, the increasing rate of youth unemployment means we are catching up with the rest of Europe, which had a high unemployment for a time.


The increase in interest rates in Italy to pay for the bonds sold to cover its debt is 52%. How governments borrow money is the sale of bonds - the interest rate or "yield" is established when the auction of the debt.

This is important because in a country the higher the rate you have to sell their bonds in which you will pay. In short, the more the better


The amount owed by the governments of Europe in October 2011 was ? 10,125,117,000,000. This is a European average of 80.9% of GDP. But this figure hides a wide variation: Greece, at the top, you 151.9%, followed by Italy to 121.4%. The UK is below the average of 80.1%.


the aftermath of the riots of August, 3927 people were arrested during a riot much Britain has seen riots in London, Birmingham, Manchester, among others. The arrests were mostly theft and other crimes "Acquisition. In London, protesters were consumer much more than in other parts of the country. Therefore, in Croydon, the looting was 73% of crimes Liverpool, 75% of crimes were criminal damage.


The average person accused of a crime of rioting traveled 2.2 miles from home for the riots in England in August 2011. The analysis conducted during the Tutor "Reading the riot investigation showed that the distance varies between cities - Manchester, the average home in the place of crime 2.8 miles, while Peckham was 1, 5 miles. The animation above shows the routes taken by the "riots of travelers."



movement Occupy Occupy were 951 events in 82 countries in one day in October 2011.

Using tables Google Fusion, we looked at all the sites of protest such as those sent by our users.

46.2 M

46m More people living in poverty in the United States, one in seven Americans - up to 2.6 million the previous year. This figure is considered an understatement - new estimates of the U. Census Bureau S. that it is closer to 49m. 22.7% of the population in Mississippi live in poverty, the highest rate in the country.


Is it really 99% v 1%? He became the battle cry of the Movement is on Wall Street - and take the protests around the world. But is this true?

This is the data behind the animation, produced by The Guardian Interactive Designer Mariana Santos. And the data show that some people did better than the U.S. economic boom of the last 20 years than others.

When Americans are asked how wealth is distributed in the United States, who believe that the richest fifth must have up to 40% of national wealth - which includes 90% of Republican respondents . In fact, the richest group that owns 85% of the wealth of the nation. Respondents also thought the 120 million young people must have 10% of national wealth. The reality: 0.3%


Nations (UN) has created an avalanche of news that the world population expected to reach 7 billion in late 2011. World population has grown rapidly -. In 1950, he was just over $ 2 billion and should reach 10 billion within 90 years according to estimates by the UN Population

£ 14.743

$ 1.14trillion

The amount of U.S. debt held by China - the largest foreign owner of Treasuries U. S.. In the fall of this year, the U.S. Treasury Obligations property abroad accounted for $ 4.7tn of the national debt - an increase of 8% last year. That's not all - the United States now owes more than $ 14tn in total

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