Wednesday, December 14, 2011

biologists have identified infrared sensors that detect a vampire veins potential victim is 20 cm

vampires use infrared sensors on the lips to locate the blood vessels of their prey, scientists have discovered. Nerve cells are specialized cells similar to the pain sensors in the tongue, skin and eyes, allowing us to feel the bite of chili and high temperatures.

vampires are the only mammals known to feed exclusively on blood, and they need a daily supply to survive. They eat at night, climbing sleeping cows, goats or poultry before sinking their sharp teeth into the veins and absorbing several tablespoons of blood. Animals have an excellent hearing and sight and the use of the high frequency of calls to help them navigate.

Biologists have known for some time that bats can detect blood vessels up to 20 cm distance, but it is unclear how they did it quickly enough to attack and retreat without alerting their prey.

The molecule also makes damaged tissue with hypersensitivity to temperature and pressure. "When you have an injury to tissues, such as sunburn, there are all these inflammatory mediators are produced and act on different molecules in the sensory nerve ending to increase sensitivity to pain," said Julius. "The reason I want to do it because when you have an injury, you want to make sure they actually protect the area and protect it."

Julius said that the discovery of TRPV1 in the vampire biologists helped the animal in more detail in the evolutionary tree, looking for other animals that have a similar version of the gene that code.
"For some time, people thought that the bats are more closely related to rodents, because of their anatomical features," he said. "In recent years, with the advent genomic approaches, have been a number of groups postulated that bats are more closely related to this superorder others. Bats are not so closely related to rodents and humans as they are for dogs, cows and the whales. "

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