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higher deployment in Afghanistan, but insisted that Secretary of Defense will not affect the operational capacity

to 13,500 soldiers will be in service in London and across the country at the Olympics this summer, the government has shown, between 7500 and increase the number of security officers in the establishment Olympians.

The number is higher than 9500 troops in Afghanistan, although Defense Secretary, Phillip Hammond, insisted on calling many of the armed forces would not affect the operational capacity elsewhere.

Hammond also revealed that the largest ship of the Royal Navy helicopter carrying 22 500 tons HMS Ocean, will be based in Greenwich for the period of the Games, while the assault ship HMS Bulwark would be anchored in Weymouth, where the sailing events will take place.

plan "adequate and evolving" security includes air Typhoon RAF Northolt, helicopters operating from HMS Ocean and the surface "right" to systems-air missiles.

Police also deploy up to 12,000 police officers on the busiest days of the Games, with operation scheduled on the basis that the level of terrorist threat will be severe. "This contribution is the defense of a magnitude similar to that implemented in other recent Olympics and help ensure the Games safe, secure and enjoyable Olympic 2012," said Hammond.

"The defense will always be able to withstand the current operations and potential during the Olympics and my priority is that we have troops deployed on operations, including Afghanistan, before, during and after Games the Olympics. "

The Ministry of Defence confirmed that this was the necessary number of soldiers on leave from Afghanistan may have their "holiday break" to serve in the Olympics, but stressed that no generally not lost any day.

"go on holiday to a profile. This means that some soldiers are back in six months after the end of the deployment to Afghanistan may be necessary for the Olympics, although not is not clear At this stage, "Hammond told the BBC. "If so, then they will not lose the holidays. He has a right. "

As expected, the 7500 troops will be needed to help the organizers of London 2012, within the Olympic venues and training camps, after the required number of personal safety has increased from an initial estimate between 10,000 and 23,700. Costs have almost doubled from £ 553m to £ 282 million.

However, the considerable military contingent in the Olympic venues of over 150 training sites and all will be in uniform. The organizers have compared his role to that carried out annually by the military at Wimbledon.

At the top of the 5, 000 troops to support the police and 7500 to contribute to security efforts in the establishment, a further 1000 will be made to provide logistical support. The overall figure also includes not being given ceremonial functions.

In a statement, the government said it was "clear that the games should be a peaceful celebration of sporting achievement and a cultural celebration -. Not a security event "

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