Thursday, December 22, 2011

In Tangier-based photographer and video artist who charts the struggles they go behind the scenes of the tourist mecca of Morocco

mystical Morocco is synonymous with their famous fans: William Burroughs and shock in the 1950s, which was in Tangier, when the city was an international zone, and the Rolling Stones, who was looking Marrakech emotions a generation later. The output is the place to be inspired and enjoy flirting narcotics - or at least that's the view from Europe. Photos of the artist based in Tangier, Yto Barrada, films and sculptures give us a different picture - of the struggles of the people who live


striped fame in early 2000 to capture a Tanger tortured by dreams very different from Westerners in tourist brochures. The port city is located in the Strait of Gibraltar, which separates Morocco from Europe. While measures of the Moroccan government for its tourism industry, attracting Westerners freedom to travel at will, thousands of Moroccan immigrants trying to make the illegal and dangerous voyage through the Strait each year. The spectrum of this boundary action pictures Barradas.

a life full of holes: the Strait Project, which began in 1998, is full of lines of distinction, mud ditches cut through green fields, new buildings appear vacant land next to jimmy the child on board holes to play football and spokes of the wheel of fortune to divide the sky. While swimming pools tourist posters of light, new developments often sit half finished - the traps in the developed world, without substance. People turn away or look in the distance, lost in his desire to escape a country characterized by deprivation.

bar has a good eye for detail that shows every day opened a lot of trouble. This classic symbol of all things exotic palm trees, is the star of his works currently on display at the Tate Modern. In fact, a foreign import, the palms become a point of contention for the tourism industry of Tangier in the film Beau Geste. Because of its protected status, a slender tree mop of hair is the only thing that gets in the way of a landowner in Tangier rudimentary development of a piece of land. To avoid this, the tree was cut in the hope that he will die naturally -. The Barr and his team got to fill with concrete to keep

why we love it:
half melted light bulbs and paint scratched, metal palm session could have been taken from an amusement park of synthesis. There is much talk of modernity summary of Tangier.

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