Sunday, December 18, 2011

Scandinavian prototypes attracted three times more waste than their counterparts in the silence

is a memorable morning in Liverpool, where he finished first in the UK paper began singing in joyful applause.

scaffolding former singer Mike McCartney, who sang Pink Lily in 1968, in a form not of us will ever forget old, had her song Thank U Much previous year will play for the receptacle of the opposite of modest appearance.

is one of two installed in Matthew Street, one opposite the legendary Cavern Club, after an investigation by the city fathers in Scandinavia. Sing the waste bins do not attract three times more than the silent. And while the Council is empty, this can be a good thing

McCartney is particularly pleased to begin the pilot, because his father was a Liverpool Binman. He says:

These ships are supposed to bring a smile to the faces of people and encourage them to do the right thing. By taking small actions, like putting our waste into a bucket, we can make a difference and tackle the problem of garbage ruining our beautiful country.

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