Saturday, December 10, 2011

We must stop treating the cemeteries as a cupboard under the stairs and to adopt new ways to get rid of the dead

speaking counselors "let go" as the last stage of the grieving process, but before the parents can come, the urgent issue of "canceled". The human body must be removed, but not primarily for health reasons - the bodies are surprisingly light, according to the World Health Organization. Funeral practices are much more than hygiene. Dealing with death is a final tribute to his humanity, but there is a strong element of disgust also involved

Whatever the WHO says there is a deep and powerful conviction that the bodies are ugly and probably dangerous, and, in turn, is filtered in a set of moral beliefs. Frankenstein in Pet Sematary, mess with the dead is the kind of supercharged taboo that feeds our worst nightmares - which is probably the reason for any change in the usual methods of handling the rest may seem a surprising paucity better, and outrage against humanity at worst.

But then, is not pumped full of formaldehyde and sealed in a box with eyes sewn and then buried. O pumped full of formaldehyde, sealed in a box with eyes sewn and baked at 900 ° C. This is why it is so disconcerting to read the conservative magazine National Review Online itself in a Tizz on promises and Resomer, railing against hysterical "a constant attempt to impose a reactionary and narrow conception of" sustainability ", even in our time more intimate. "(Apparently, the Republicans like the kinds of choices, provided they do not have potential benefits for the environment.)

In the same article, natural burial is called a 'which amounts effectively to composting "as if a cemetery ensures a more civilized decadence. The smell of self-deception is as ripe as a corpse weeks old here - whatever the process, human bodies are eventually going to end as a selection of coffee fluids and bits of bone, so why this more concerned than half of the physical annihilation than the other? Is it because being again drawn attention to the ends of these processes - the catchy, complete with dust - in spite of good health, and science-names

the details of the increase on the remains that are released into the water system in the case of Resomer is significantly less sinister when one remembers that all bodies leach its way into the circulation over time. At least this way, the runoff is sterile. And our current means of weeding the dead are simply not enough. Landfill in the UK is low, on the one hand, which means that the tomb of reuse will soon be required to accommodate all organizations fighting for their place in the cremation ground and made carbon emissions and pollution by mercury fillings burn. It is the breath in the teeth really pleasant burnt remains sterile flowing down the drain? It is time to stop accumulating the dead, the treatment of cemeteries as the equivalent of a cupboard under the stairs of the things that do not need, but I can not ignore, and dispose of 'bodies to make them part of the land of life and water again.


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