Monday, December 26, 2011

In a speech to the Lib Dem conference, Business Secretary said that the reduction of inequality is necessary to revive the economy as "economic equivalent of war" in the UK faces

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Vince Cable, the business secretary, warned that the reduction in the land of "terrible inequalities of wealth and income" is essential to enable the UK economy around.

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The minister said that "tell it like I see it" as he made a dire prediction forecast economic "hard times" ahead.

In a speech he compared the country's economic crisis to a war situation, Cable said the only way the public would accept austerity continue if it is "perceived as fair."

He defended the government of "tough approach" to reducing the deficit as "inevitable", but said that stability was just part of the economy back to normal.

stimulus to support growth and "solidarity" to the people a shared sense of society, by reducing the wage gap and wealth and the creation of a "responsible capitalism", which also necessary, he said.

"The public will accept that austerity is continuous if it is just," he told delegates.

"However, there is now a great sense of grievance that workers and retirees pay the penalty for a crisis they did not create. I want a real sense of solidarity. This does not mean that we are throughout the year in blue suits with the boiler little red books, although I suspect that some think it's right my agenda. This means a reduction in inequality. "

welcomed the commitment of the party to raise taxes, low average income, and turned to those who criticized the Liberal Democrats' "mansion tax" proposal - a tax on properties a value of over £ 2,000,000 - as an attack against "ordinary middle-class homeowners," saying, "One wonders what part of the solar system live"

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The minister revealed plans to "call time on payments for failure", with the launch of a consultation document outlining plans for greater transparency in the payment of Boards and shareholders with a stronger voice.

"People accept capitalism, but capitalism means the person responsible," he said. "It is difficult to explain why shareholders can vote to cut a higher salary, but administrators can ignore the vote.

"and pay must surely be transparent, not hidden by the shareholders and the public. I want to call time on payments for failure."

He responded to criticism of the government's plan to reduce the deficit, saying that financial discipline was not "ideological or right" but a necessary condition for effective government.

most people understand this, he said, but some on the left and right does not. "This is the childhood dream," he said.
cable has also become tax exiles and the Conservatives call for tax rates above 50 pence for demolition.

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