Saturday, December 17, 2011


take advantage of seasonal peaks of 18C at the weekend, drinking and boost maritime trade

famous fickle weather in the UK is about something else unexpected give the country the warmest since records began in November reliable, three centuries ago.

early warnings

breaks in the Arctic, supported by several local tinted windows on the bumper of holly, yew and other trees "animal pantry," have failed to bear fruit when the approach the Christmas season.


just over two weeks, the country enjoyed a pleasant seasonal peaks of 18C (65F) on the weekend, increasing the drinks and the coastal economy, but the supermarket buyers alarming snow shovels and duvets more high strength.

Met Office forecast for the start of the Christmas season is a classic of the prudent reserve, suggesting the change of months "seems ready to see a bit of time changing the U.S. Kingdom, with the wind and rain for most areas, at times, although some of the brightest and dry periods are also likely. "However, prospects are more uncertain about the freeze, said at temperatures early December peak in the seasonal average, which means that one degree Celsius in the numbers.

forecasts warned of "an additional chance of frost overnight. A mild day is possible, but generally feel much colder than during the current episode mild. "Meanwhile, plants and animals enjoying what may seem like an early spring will not be under the illusion that for a long time.

transport and other groups against the harsh winter challenge not to let their guard down with the storage of road salt, local authorities and highways ready in time for the winter season. The East Midlands, for example, which covers a long stretch of the M1, 40 Gritter has specialized plows ready and more salt in the store that was used in the past year as a whole, which experienced winter the coldest third UK following.


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