Sunday, December 25, 2011

live coverage of the Bill of Justice controversial accidentally released early

. Read the bill here

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PeterWalshAvMA wrote in the comments:

seems to include the demolition of legal aid to many of the most vulnerable in society, including victims of medical negligence. Does anyone know when, where, how the bill is to be released / submitted?

The Department of Justice said that Ken Clarke will make an oral statement at 3.30 today to announce details of the bill. Responses to the consultation will be published at the same time, and the bill will follow the declaration. We will be covering live here. Although published a copy of the invoice run, we have the explanatory notes and assessment of the impact of this afternoon.

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Michael White was also looking at the conference David Cameron press this morning. Note that a prime minister must be over a wide range of policies to events like these.

is easy to get caught up in ignorance or error when a lamp is not enough. Cameron plans to toughen sanctions - forgiveness is not 50% for those who plead guilty at first, as Clarke had proposed - cost money

But when the BBC's Newsnight said it was behind our "efficiency savings" old friend who became the Department of Justice. At £ 45,000 per head per year, the prison is an expensive option - nearly double the cost of Eton, but lower quality education. Cameron is right that public confidence should be maintained, but it's pimping. And speaking of family rehabilitation is just that.

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addition to sending Alan Travis 1:31 p.m., @ rpkaye said on Twitter:

alantravis40 The mandatory six months in prison for criminals is a knife of art 113 (6)

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Owen Bowcott

, legal correspondent of things, writes:

have been several changes to previous proposals of the government to restrict legal aid.

Steve Hynes Group

legal action found that the definition of domestic violence in family disputes has expanded to include legal support to those who have suffered emotional harm. The change is in line with recent statements.

Critics of the bill states that the granting of legal aid those who have suffered physical attacks partners would be a perverse incentive for anyone in the divorce process to exaggerate its internal tests, This souring separations.
2:03 p.m.
draft Bill now controversial justice that legal aid is now called, conviction and punishment came after the law weeks of delay. Legal assistance proposals were published in November last year (read Afua Hirsch Analysis of the Green Paper here), followed by plans to reform the conviction in December, when Clarke announced his "rehabilitation revolution".
Alan Lee Travis
analysis here:

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