Wednesday, December 21, 2011

. London derby at Stamford Bridge, had been questioned

said Chelsea match will be played, even if the strike takes place

Chelsea have confirmed that their home game with Fulham on Boxing Day will be held as scheduled, despite the possibility of a strike by pilots of the tube.

The initiation of legal action to end the strike, which could affect the various sports facilities, was delayed in the high court Wednesday. London Underground is to challenge the validity of the strike by ASLEF union leaders on their claims extra day of boxing.

"The club has examined the implications presented by the planned strike and consulted with the local police authority, metropolitan transit authorities. We recognize the duty of care that we have two sets of supporters and we are confident to provide a safe environment for fans to enjoy the local derby.

"We recognize that there are existing restrictions on travel and published so far and many fans have long made plans to attend the festival during this holiday. Supporters are invited to follow the transport sites and time to travel. "

Arsenal are still considering moving their match against Wolverhampton Wanderers at the Emirates Stadium does not have ample parking on the street around the earth and fans rely heavily on public transport.

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