Friday, December 16, 2011

stereotypes are generally false, as Durham serious youth remind us once again

It sounds backwards, in accordance with the students (and I was once, long ago).

A group of them in Durham have won a battle against the night the sound of a pizzeria whose owner was permitted to music after 1:30.


Ciampolillo withdrew its request to the City of Durham City, where he left the Spahettata sometimes feel like a nightclub with pasta and cheese added. Earlier this year, went to 2:30 pm, seven days a week, but the last offer was reduced to 1:30 Friday and Saturday to midnight Sunday through Thursday.

His first initiative galvanized Durham students have also received support local city councilor David Stoker, said:

I am pleased that the application was withdrawn. I think it was very inappropriate for a restaurant next to the residential accommodation to the licensed music until dawn.

Local Students owners

Q students opposed, therefore, that several tenants were "very concerned".
not finished yet, never mind. Ciampolillo lawyer, Giles McCourt said construction changes would take place before a new application is set

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