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Especially off polar bears are brown bears that lived down in Ireland during the last ice age, scientists have discovered

It's a long way from the Arctic to have scientists found traces of polar bears CAN Tipperary goal of their family tree in Ireland. DNA evidence shows that they are Irish down the brown bear It lived during the last ice age.


polar bears from a different DNA sequence, transmitted by women, with their brown ancestors now extinct. Ute, the same DNA is absent from other species of brown bears living today.

think the link is born of prehistoric cross between polar bears and brown bears are crossed them when the Irish climate cooled.

scientists discovered DNA is

After Analyze the mitochondria - structures producing cells in energy - which rose as a mother to offspring.


Dr. Edwards, University of Oxford, member of the international team that conducted the study, said: "hybridization between the old Irish brown bears and polar bears has led the replacement of a complete home of the polar bear mitochondria. This line is now present in all modern polar bear mother. "

polar bears and brown are very different in terms of size of the body, the coat and skin color, fur type, tooth structure and many other physical characteristics.

They are also very distinct behavior. The polar bear, the largest carnivores of the world s, are expert swimmers that feed on seals, while forest inhabited by brown bears up and have a varied diet omnivores. Yet the two seem to breed successfully every time they come into contact.

Ten Irish brown bears of the ice age between 10,000 and 38,000 years had the DNA of the mother who is now seen in all the polar bears.

older pre-glacial brown bear, dating from between 38,000 and 43,000 years ago, had a different genetic signature bears corresponding modern Eastern Europe.

Ruins of ancient brown bears
last in Ireland, from 3000 to 5000 years ago, saw yet another bear DNA Modern Western Europe.

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