Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sculpture stolen

fears that 1000 people who want a good society are no match for a person who does not care

is difficult to lose a statue of a park and do not think this marks a new direction for the society in which we are going somewhere much worse. Trevor Moore, Friends of Dulwich Park, said he lost two forms of Barbara Hepworth (Divided Circle) was like "losing a toe." I liked the understatement of his sentence - that sounds like a small thing, but I really miss the rest of your life

In 2005, the reclining figure by Henry Moore was stolen from the property of the Henry Moore Foundation in Perry Green, Hertfordshire. Interestingly, it was almost exactly the same time of the year (December 19), which could suggest that the party is coming whets the appetite and reduces their sense of public duty. But these are only two data points, so do not be fooled.

On the positive side, the first flight marked a departure is not horrible in the fabric of society through which emerges a dystopian future, hordes Scared Running through the streets of his home naked Parks and there is nothing sacred, not even banks. It is interesting to see how everything was carefree, then: the title that covers theft in the Guardian was "Oi who raised two-ton Henry Moore?" Compare, for his sobriety, "Barbara Hepworth sculpture stolen from London park."

The reason for this is a blow especially at this stage is that the free market - the basic understanding of the society in which the exchange time for money and money for things and everybody wins - does not work. A wide range of explanations for the failure. On the right is because the government interfered, more regulated, brochures and past exaggerated. On the left, because the government privatized, outsourced, charter, and created a corporate plutocracy failure to protect the wages, the grout into the holes with the advantages and excess profits ultimately subsidizing. There are arguments that blame centrist sleight of financial instruments - just a giant, non-political "oops"

However, in each story is the same anti-hero, the person who does not care. If this is the lower class or the head of wild HMRC, the scrap dealer or the head of Goldman Sachs, the underlying fear is the same as the 1000 people who care desperately for a stable, no match for a person not care at all. Thus, while the right hackneyed stories of thieves nihilist protestors Philistine, the left is given the orgy of greed trial of phenomenal wealth.

American journalist Max Abelson built a replica of a billionaire, where a group of executives to answer the charge that they are overpaid, calling everyone a moron. The extraordinary thing is arrogant neglect, the sincerity of their belief that they are making the world a favor to his commitment to cancel the tax, and people who do not earn enough to pay the tax that the problem ("You who have skin in the game, "said Stephen Schwarzman, CEO of Blackstone). It's exciting and sickening in equal parts are so powerful and so hopeless - but at least you feel you understand. If some people I do not mind, no wonder we are where we are. It only takes a few.

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