Sunday, December 11, 2011


artists offer more money, space and development opportunities than ever - but is it always a good thing

There is something encouraging about the number of places now thinking about supporting artists. The spread of zero nights and development programs throughout the theater world has contributed to an actual width of bright and unusual work - such as the number of sites that now support a large number of artists associated with resident artists

But sometimes I worry that this large amount of support can also have a demoralizing effect on the willingness of artists and the will to do something on their own. In the worst cases, these programs can infantilizes the artists, so it relies on an intravenous infusion of financial resources, space and the possibilities offered by a support organization. Maybe there's something missing in this well-meaning peace, interesting and vital information on how an artist has to navigate his way through socio-economic conditions in which they are located. As with most of the best art is often not only on what you do but how you choose to do, and how you react to - Stand Up - brutal reality of the business can be as creative and inspiring the work really going on.

There are many ways to make exciting things happen, with only the most limited resources and opportunities. A few years ago the brilliant based in Bristol, Great Hero duo difficult to obtain performance scheduled in conventional spaces, so they created a play called A Western, designed for the space bar more easily. One of the most important issues has become small piece of the failure we suffered in the attempt to live the epic grandeur of history in the movies teach us: the gap between dream and reality our epic compromised. As such, the difficulties they faced and overcame become an integral part of the work they have created.

could also think of the recent rise of headphones based on the work, which I think is at least partly a consequence of its accessibility and autonomy that allows its creator. If you have access to any type of computer you can download the free audio editing software, learn how to modify the hardware and download it to your own website, making it accessible to all. Equally important, helmet on the basis of work that allows the freedom to explore any environment that might be interested, whether it's a night bus, library, or simply through the streets of the city. Once again, the challenge to think about your situation skillfully opens up new possibilities and new ways of working that may never have considered before.


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