Friday, December 9, 2011

sea level rise due to climate change could cripple the city of Irene-like storm scenarios, new demands climate report

Irene, as storms in the future would one third of the streets of New York under water and flooding many tunnels leading to Manhattan in less than an hour due to climate change report on the status of the new government warned Wednesday.

rise in sea levels due to climate change would be dangerously exposed to the Manhattan flood during heavy storms occur, according to the report, which analyzes the impact of climate change on the state of New York, warns.

"The risks and impacts are enormous," said Art deGaetano, a researcher at Cornell University and lead author of the study of climate. "It is clear that areas of the city that are currently inhabited will be uninhabitable with landlocked."

factor in storm surges, and the scenario becomes even more alarming, he said. "Subway tunnels is affected airports - LaGuardia and Kennedy both sit right at sea level -. And when you talk about the lower part of the city in which we talk about the business districts"

The report, commissioned by the Energy Research and Development Authority New York State, said the effects of sea level and climate change will be felt in the next decade.

In the decade from 2020 to mid sea levels around Manhattan and Long Island could be up to 10 inches, assuming that the rapid melting of polar ice continues. In 2050, the sea could increase to 2.5FT 4.5ft of 2080 years under the same conditions.

This makes him an outlier among his Republican friends, who have blocked funds for the creation of a new climate of budget negotiations in Congress this week.

DeGaetano said that climate change could force governments to begin to rethink the infrastructure. Most power plants in New York, the treatment plants and sanitation are at sea level

planners will also help people adapt. Over half a million people live in the floodplain of New York, and, as the report, a significant portion of them are African Americans and Latinos.

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