Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Officials hope the costs will encourage the use of public transport to ease traffic congestion and reduce pollution

Beijing is considering imposing congestion charges on vehicles using certain roads and encourage residents to buy alternative energy vehicles to ease congestion and reduce pollution chronic, Chinese media reported Friday .

Officials hope the costs will mean more residents to use public transport, according to plans announced Thursday, the state Xinhua news agency.

reports do not give details on the tolls to be charged or how these fees would be collected.


plan will provide incentives to purchase energy called unspecified new cars, including electric vehicles. He vowed to upgrade computers in electric vehicles and charging stations to build more of them, according to Xinhua.

covered Beijing in January started the registration of 20,000 per month, available through a lottery. But it has only decreased the rate of increase of congestion, while tens of thousands of angry car owners can not hope to buy a vehicle.

Beijing has also increased parking fees, built parallel paths, some intersections has been extended and expanded its subway system, all in an attempt to relieve traffic congestion.

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