Sunday, December 18, 2011

smooth you do, work began on a small number of links through the grass routes of famous cycle curve in the town of Yorkshire


will be allowed for the first time in Harrogate Street, what a beautiful area of ??meadows and trees which extends in a curve around the center.

public support has been winning the battle against the fear that the tranquility of the open space would be damaged with the peace of mind for travelers, many of the retired population of Harrogate.

bike ban, which dates back to the first appearance of two wheels on the 19 th century spa is built as well as anyone familiar with the city expected. First approved by the District Council in 2009, but remained in legal negotiations since then, a few roads that connect with existing bike paths on the perimeter.

Earth is down, changing the nature of the street, which belongs to the people of Harrogate.

Jobs in the expansion of a small number of paths, counted by its wheels easily lead to less than one percent of the street, will take place over the next ten weeks. For a historical and geographical processes that maintain the War of the Roses alive and well, the land belongs to the Duchy of Lancaster, whose officers in Strathclyde Lord Chancellor and Baroness Royall previous work has also been involved in negotiating long-term.
dispute earlier in the street has included its use for the big show in Yorkshire, in the past, and briefly as an airfield.


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