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Phase success and history of the screen by Michael Morpurgo WW1 was 80 years old, Brooke confidence back to prominence World

A charity started 80 years ago by a young woman brigadier who was appalled by the situation of the British war horses rejected from internationally renowned as the success of the book by Michael Morpurgo

War Horse

, based on work by acclaimed now says in a new Steven Spielberg film.

Brooke The Trust, founded in Egypt by Dorothy "Dodo" Brooke, with the support of Morpurgo and administrators expect that interest in the film, released in January, with Benedict Cumberbatch and Emily Watson will continue to look after the work of horses, mules and donkeys in the world, despite the political and economic instability.

"We had more applications, especially by the public, who are moved by the story of real war horse," said Kirsty Whitelock confidence. "The book and the program has opened new public Brooke. "

Charity, which still operates Memorial Hospital Old War Horse in Cairo, but now working in Africa, Asia and Latin America, helped to set up a show, War Horse: Fact and fiction in the present to the National Army Museum, London.

The fate of the horses that were seized in the fields around the UK in 1914 and deployed in combat during World War I were the inspiration for the story of Morpurgo and leads to the genesis of confidence in October 1930.

The horses were sold into slavery, he said. "These horses were old, many of them born and raised in the green fields of England - how many years they have seen a field, he heard running water or a kind word in English"

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