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notable writers, musicians and artists such as Nabokov, and Messiaen had synesthesia Kandinksy. So there is a link with creativity?

Charlene Soraia

was 11 when he realized he had no experience in the world the same way most people. He was about to start high school and turning to one of his friends, said she imagined her first year as a series of "yellow lines, with green pieces." "My friend said," What are you talking And I thought,? 'Well, I can not say anything, so .'"

A year later, Soraia, now 22, told his father he saw color he heard music. He explained that he had enjoyed the music the same way and it was a condition called synesthesia, in which the brain combines two or more directions, making both experienced at the same time.

A recent study by Edinburgh University found that about 4% of the UK population has synesthesia, other estimates, this figure is between 2% and 5%. The problem takes many forms. Some experience know when you read or hear the words, which some see as a form numbers, while others, like Soraya, see colors when listening to music, or when they think at certain times of your life

"Tuesdays are always yellow," said Soraya, a singer and songwriter who just released his first album, Moonchild. "Mondays are white and the numbers are the forms I make time sheets, and is 10 times -... I think five of these 10 blocks, with five sections in each"


you are talking in a cafe near his home south of London, we intend to listen to some songs together, so that you can describe how experiences. It begins by explaining that she sees a variety of colors depending on the timbre of the voice of a musician or style of play "My father has an amazing tone when playing the guitar," he said. "It's very relaxing. As a burnt orange color my own voice, and the album is a kind of Oxford blue, purple bits, like a black cloud. "

What causes that
Soraia synaesthetic experience to music this way?. While knowledge of the condition has improved since the early 80's when most people describe the symptoms have been dismissed as fanciful, its causes remain a mystery. "It is easier to describe what synesthesia is not it," says Dr. Mary Spiller, a synesthesia researcher and professor of psychology at the University of East London. "Not a mental health problem, and not psychological, we know that it is the brain that causes the senses to be united, and there is often a genetic component:. Parents can take their children synesthesia, but not always the same type. "
MRI of the brain of the

have enabled researchers to show that synesthetes really see colors when they hear music or words. "Scans have shown that parts of the brain that are normally activated when we see the colors are really activated when the synesthetes hear the words," said Spiller.

Is it important for someone who thinks they may have synesthesia to see a doctor? "Only if he or she feels like it has a negative impact," Spiller answers. "And I have met very few synaesthetes feel this way."

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