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While the case of professionals in the opening pages, only 8.9% of the defendants either had jobs or have studied

data: the complete list of cases and convictions to date

Only the small proportion of people who come before the courts charged with crimes committed during the riots are listed as being at work or full time, according to an analysis of defendants whose cases were heard up 'here. Research by the Guardian about 1000 cases by judges of the courts of the shows that only 8.6% of defendants have jobs or are students.

However, during the last fortnight, has often been respected jobs, high-flying academic record and the middle class who have found the media attention. The vast majority of defendants - young men, unemployed and children - have given way in the first pages of professionals, the pillars of the community and an ambassador of 18 Olympic

Often, the disparity between the crimes of the accused and their stories were enough to drive a comment in the yard. When Shonola Smith, 22, a model, her sister Alice and her friend Donness Bissessar, also 22, pleaded guilty last Friday to enter an Argos in Croydon with the intent to steal, his lawyer insisted his characters copies , saying to the court. "I was taken by surprise Talk to them and, recently, to talk to their families, are presented as perfectly normal and reasonable, I dare say that civilized young women ... They all work. If all began again tonight for a second believe that these women are not even close. "

District Judge Robert Hunter, however, was not convinced. Number six months in prison for the three women, who were arrested at the scene of looting last Monday night, said: "The tragedy is that they are all in good condition before, all well educated, have jobs that showed no remorse ... But ... he played his role in a larger event, where the devastation was caused to businesses and local residents. "On hearing the verdict, Smith began to cry.

censorship was imposed Meanwhile, the shame of a court appearance seemed too much for a defendant in the class assistant Alexis Bailey, who tried to hide her face with a newspaper as he left the bench Highbury Corner in London last Wednesday. The 31-year-old who works as a learning mentor in a primary school in Stockwell, south London, was arrested at an appliance store in Croydon at the peak of the riots on Monday. He pleaded guilty to burglary with intent to steal and was released on bail, the court said he had not taken any item from the shop

others whose educational credentials have done nothing to help calm the anger of the judges, including Marwan Rouhi, a law student 21 years old, who has denied any involvement in the riots in the Wood of St. John. He said he had been unjustly detained, along with youth involved in violence on the way to the local mosque. He was denied bail. Peter Wilkinson, a junior from Middlesex, was also without indulgence, accused of stealing computers and TVs Panasonic shop in Ealing, who was on guard at the prison for the Sept. 7

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