Saturday, December 10, 2011

The former Beatle wrote the music for the kingdom of the ocean and daughter Stella do the costumes - what could go wrong? A damp squib of a story is what

Well, critical bugs in the new Sir Paul McCartney, ballet, United Ocean (estimated cost $ 800,000) and the news is not great. "Proposed New York City Ballet McCartney has slipped down the drain," writes Robert Grescovic in The Wall Street Journal, while the New York Observer, Robert Gottlieb punishes a "very exaggerated and very uninteresting" collaboration. Eric Taub, meanwhile, in a scathing report entitled "Twenty million dollars under the sea," reports that even you take the Hudson River "can not be more toxic than a dip in the ocean" .

The problem is not

score McCartney, who, according to Tobi Tobias Journal of the Arts "covers the full range of music for the film in imitation of Broadway", nor the dresses of Stella McCartney, but not universally loved. After all, not even the fault of the choreography "instantly forgettable" Peter Martins, who, according to Taub, "like a contractual obligation for the ballet the check had not cleared yet."

Whether it is absurd to think appropriate for a ballet for adults is revealing. Try pitching that in a book publisher, television and executive producer of the commercial theater that will show you the door. Guardians of ballet, however, tend to credulity almost infinite, and this is largely why there are so many bad narrative ballets. Here in the UK there are directors of dance which include the nature and importance of history - Matthew Bourne, zoonate Kate Prince, the Royal Ballet Will Tuckett - but many others do not. And so we slow car accidents like Alice in Wonderland last year, created for the Royal Ballet in Christopher Wheeldon, and the Ocean America.

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