Sunday, December 11, 2011

In the post-riot in the theaters of London trying to get to unhappy communities, giving unheard voices a chance to show their artistic merit

Much has been written in the last year of funding for the arts - the effect on businesses, buildings and artists. There was a lot of shadows, theater and society in general after the riots of the summer. But it is perhaps not the whole picture. Some places seem to have a revival theater - and, hearteningly, they do for their direct involvement with the communities that surround

Take the patio room, pop-up has recently opened in Dalston, east London. Built in a disused warehouse, using recycled materials in the Olympic Park, which would be forgiven for thinking that it was less of a theater project hipster art students out of control. However, its existence is an excellent example of the ingenuity of the community at its best:. Produce art with tiny budgets, while removing the barrier of high prices

This is not limited to the east of London, either. South of the river is home oval Theatre prepares for its platform first event, a participatory experience with refugees based in South London. While the theater is the theater production relevant to the style of play Costa Rica immigration, Nica, to meet the promise of this program and the expectations of their wider audience among its goals is simply to help their participants to improve their proficiency and confidence to speak English. This is community theater at its best, providing the means to develop an ability to target their needs and their desire to integrate into their communities.

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