Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tash Bet

use the club in the city as a student. Now he's back as a shepherd with a "message of life and a mission of love"

Leeds is an interesting name for himself in religious circles by appointing "pioneer ministers" a number of communities of the Anglican Diocese considers the current equivalent of the traditional parish.

Rev. Rob Hinton We launched later in the business - a position created in 2009 -. And Rev. James Barnett did the same in the new communities last year

Tash Bet now pastor takes in most of the attractions of work, however, as Minister of Economy of the pioneers of the night. It will be published on Wednesday, September 7, as appropriate, as the dusk gathers over hot spots in calls, Baja Briggate and elsewhere.

Tash is 27 years old and worked as a youth pastor in the church of St. George, known for its crypt refuge and a huge amount of extension to Leeds Central. She lived in the city for nine years, first as a student and, more recently, in his pastoral role.

His salary will be paid by the center of the archbishops of the Church and the diocese is left free to interpret the best approach to work. Is expected to start by talking with the workers of the night, creating links with local churches to pray with others and bring "a message of life and a mission of love." The possibilities are endless, it is recognized.

Speaking before commissioning, Tash says:

Archdeacon of Leeds, the Venerable Peter Burrows, who will lead the service starting with the Bishop of Knaresborough, the Rev. James Bell, and pioneer of the Rev. James Barnett colleague Beth said:

The church has recognized that it must do more to serve the economy of the city at night. If you go to Leeds on a Friday or Saturday night and see the many young people entering the city, it is clear that the church is committed to the culture of the club. For this reason, it is a very important and exciting.

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