Sunday, December 11, 2011

electronic collars installed in the goats that survived the Scottish border at least 5000 years to learn more about them

cattle and more difficult to achieve in the UK of wild animals to be tracked by satellite after surviving in unknown circumstances, at least 5000 years.

electronic collars were installed six goats of a dynasty that has come a remote area of ??the Cheviot Hills in Northumberland Scottish border to escape from farms in the Neolithic.

self-sufficient and shy animals on strike, horns were left alone, until recently, when the spread of mountain agriculture and conservation areas eventually led to clashes on the strength of the moors.

"They begin to conflict with the world," said Dr. Richard Bevan, a biologist at the University of Newcastle, which followed the goats and complete labeling before which moves in the winter. "We need to know, finally, where they go and what they do, to sort the potential problem areas."

"A local farmer told me, as long as they remain in the hills, there is a problem," said Bevan, who leads the project with a colleague, Dr. Pete Garson and Zoology students Aimee Palmer and Scott Barnes. "Goats have no legal protection, if the owners decide they do not want them, then they have the right to remove them. This represents a real threat to this small population genetically unique. For now, the goats are all tolerated. "

animals are classified as "British Primitive goats" and make the most northern of a small number of similar groups in England and Wales. This includes herds in the mountains Snowdonia and black and the island of Lundy, as well as smaller groups in Somerset and the Isle of Wight. Scotland has a larger population, most of them for the darkness in the mountains .

Bevan said: "The purpose of this project is to understand exactly how the goats roam and how they use the local landscape, and the recording when, where and how long they spend eating it we can advise on any future. The collars allow us to build a very accurate picture of their behavior and should give an idea of ??what they are to blame for the damage to crops or trees, and how we can prevent this.

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