Friday, December 9, 2011

Guest blogger Declan McSweeney

Toxteth St Bride visits the scene of serious street violence in 1981 and again in August. There is a church with much to do.

a church in Liverpool, where the congregation was reduced to five years when his current vicar came in 2005 now attracts some 100 worshipers on Sundays, with a variety of liturgies. St Bride, the Toxteth, was opened in 1831. The demolition of houses in the 1970 extensive tore the heart of the collapsed and congregation.

Ap Elsmore When individual arrived at St. Bride, six years ago, the challenge of how to ensure the survival of the church, and her colleagues have begun discussions with local residents on how to revitalize a building that is near the center of the city and two of its universities.

slogan of the church

creative, progressive and inclusive

and the vicar how to put a considerable emphasis on promoting the arts.


is a project that sees the church used to train young people to the theater, many of them with English as a second language.



is a charity in mental health, with service users, staff, church members and local people sing to relax and reduce stress, every Tuesday night. St. Bridget, also houses a community of artists the project, every Wednesday.

The church is home to a project to provide food to the homeless and regularly gives pop concerts. Groups of local residents, a community association in Ghana and Liverpool Friends of Palestine are just some of the organizations that meet in the file.

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